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So I am at my wits end. For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing less-than desirable internet connectivity. I have Charter Communications as my ISP, and they provided me an Ambit Model #U10C018.80 modem. I also have an D-Link DIR-615 router with 4 computers using the wired jacks.

Here is my issue. Again, for the past couple of months, I have been experiencing intermittent disconnects and restarts from my modem. Whether I am playing a game or just surfing the internet, the internet signal is dropped at least twice a day. On the modem itself, the "Ready" light, the one with a check-mark that lights up, will simply cut out, start flashing slowly, then flashes quicker until it stays solid again. This is what usually happens, but there have been times where it fails to start flashing again and will stay out.

Other times, the "receive" light and the "ethernet" light will simply alternate in flashing, as it is right now and don't have any internet. Going to reset now...

I'm tried some remedies, such as power cycles, and do not know what else to try. I am fairly unfamiliar with networking; I set up the router as the instructions said to do, and haven't really messed with anything else. So, if anyone has ANY suggestions, please send them my way! I would greatly appreciate it!

Oh, on another note, I called Charter once, asking what the deal was, and they said that they don't have any record of my signal being dropped. I'm not sure if that plays into anything or not. Also, I have tried plugging straight into the modem with my computer and the same thing happens. :(
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    Heh. Another victim of the super crappy charter cable modem. Solution, run, don't walk to their return centre and return that cable modem. And buy this.

    I used to have that same modem and it kept doing that disconnecting stuff to me too. What I would do is reboot it and after it was done, it would start working again. After I bought that modem (as least that looks like the one I got, and I only remember that it was from motorola offhand.) It hasn't given me trouble since. This also accomplishes no longer having to rent a modem. All you have to do is call them and say you've got a modem you want to switch to, and they'll switch service to it, cancel the renting and tell you where to take the old PoS modem to.
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