Gaming performance: i5-750 vs Thuban 1055T

I plan on building a gaming rig this summer. Nothing to serious, but im really interested in flight simulators and will be using cad software and what not in college. I also want to run games such as metro 2033 and fallout. My friends i5 750 build runs this great with a 5770.

Do you guys think the thuban 1055T (cheaper one) is better for gaming performance? Also, will the multiplier be unlocked in the 1055t? I heard you cant overclock if its not?
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  1. You can overclock without the unlocked multi, however it requires a little more work and might not get as high. No, the multi will not be unlocked.

    If the primary goal is gaming, I'd probably go i5 or save a little cash and go X4, however in reality all three options are excellent.
  2. I'm in the process of building a computer now; I just need the CPU/mobo

    I agree with EXT64, if you're primarily going to be gaming, go with the i5 750

    I'm not sure on which proc will fare better with flight simulators and cad software though...
  3. Yeah, unfortunately it depends on how the code is written and what architecture it prefers. However, I imagine they would be close (realistically).
  4. well FSX (which i only play sometimes) can use infinite cores from what i hear. most flight sims i play tho are just entering the era of four cores ha.
  5. You really can't go wrong with either i5 750 or X4 or X6...they all going to run your favorite flight simulators just fine and they will all provide good performance. I think 5770 or better GPU is probably good choice in terms of gaming but I think CAD is much better on Quadros or Firepros..I might be wrong though.
  6. You are right about the CAD, however it usually is still quite usable on gaming cards for low to reasonably complex models and still looks decent.
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