Will Intel lower its i5 prices in response to the Thuban?

I sure hope so. Ive been planning on making an i5 750 rig and it would be great if it was cheaper.
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  1. How much do they cost these days? Still $200?
  2. yes
  3. Bummer, still not bad for the price.

    Even MicroCenter is back up to $180. I got mine back when they were only $150, I'm amazed that they've actually gone up in price.
  4. Possibly. Unless Intel has a set of 32nm quads planned that no one knows about.

    Later this year Intel does have a plan to release more 6 cores at lower prices that should compete with Thuban in some ranges for LGA 1366 but none for LGA1156.

    But still, I wouldn't be suprised if they drop prices to keep sales flowing. Unlike AMD, Intel has the ability to cut prices a lot and its what they did during the Pentium D days to keep sales up.
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