P55 vs H55

Hi guys.

I am building a new system and was wondering which motherboard i should get.

My CPU is i5 760. I realized people say P55 go well with i5 760 than H55.

Yes, H55 seems low priced and more ecomic but what if i Must choose between below two mother boards?

1. ASUS P7P55 LX LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard $145

2. ASUS P7H55D-M EVO LGA 1156 Intel H55 HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard $130

they have about $15 difference.
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  1. If you don't plan to run dual cards (which neither are good for it), I would go with the cheaper H55. You'll see little to no difference in a single card setup, plus it comes with USB 3.0, which I believe the P55 doesn't.
  2. Here's a full featured P55 board that doesn't cost much.
    If you are considering an H55 i would buy a Gigabyte board over an ASUS.
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