Ram voltage

hey .so my ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104261

i want to get it at 1.65 volts.

when i go into the voltage setting (Dram Voltage)
and change it to 1.65 i can see it in the bios .i even tried 1.7 volts to
but when i go into windows it shows up as 1.5 in 3 different monitoring programs

im keeping the cpu at stock for now btw
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  1. Programs can be wrong when it comes to monitoring, as long as it says that when you go back into your BIOS then they are at that voltage.
  2. Most DDR3 1600 is 1.5v I believe.. I know on Ivy bridge chipsets it's actually not recommended to even push past the 1.5v as I guess it has caused a few failures over time.

    I'd do some reading, find out about your mobo and make sure that that stick is compatible with it. Your bios is probably going to show you 1.5v. If you're getting it to run at stock speed with 1.5v and it will pass memtest386 over a few rounds, awesome. If not, I'd probably make sure to grab some ram that is compatible with your motherboard if it doesn't support the higher voltages.
  3. Which CPU?
  4. what motherboard/bios?did you make sure you hit enter after you changed the number and then hit save and exit?

    Side note... Some bios like MSI mobo's have a Max allowed voltage setting for cpu/mem/northbridge to make sure you dont overvolt anything make sure they have the correct voltage also.
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