HDMI port on an ACER X223H monitor - 3 GTX 260s in SLI

I'm trying to connect my monitor to my computer with a DVI to HDMI cable. The graphics card configuration is 3 GTX 260s in SLI and the motherboard is an ASUS Stirker II NSE. When I connect using the DVI to HDMI cable, my monitor receives no signal from the computer. When I boot into Windows Vista SP2 with the December NVIDIA drivers, I get no image. When I boot into Ubuntu Linux, I eventually get the desktop (no GRUB image during boot). So, I know the HDMI port on the monitor works. Can anyone suggest how to get my monitor to receive a signal from my computer when I use the DVI to HDMI cable? Thanks!
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  1. Is there a problem going DVI to DVI?
  2. No problem going DVI to DVI. I just find it strange that going DVI to HDMI is causing problems.
  3. Your monitor, since it has both ports, is probably "hard wired" to receive signals either DVI to DVI or HDMI to HDMI. Certain monitors can act funny with adapters. I know my ACER 22" doesn't like to stay sharp (noticeable fuzzy) if I use its VGA port to DVI using an adapter. However, if I go straight DVI to DVI the picture is extremely sharp.

    What is the brand of of your videocards? If they're XFX, XFX is very good about helping you to troubleshoot and they have always resolved issues for me.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll just have to wait for FERMI in order to use the HDMI to HDMI connection. By the way, the cards are MSI. Nice cards, but no HDMI port.
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