2500k @ 4.8 @ 1.45v

Hallo everyone

I was finally starting playing with my old 2500k and have these results:

Iknow every cpu is different, but I can't get my 2500k stable at 4.8 with anyless then 1.45 volt, do this sound reasonable?

Maybe i just got a bad one?

What is your opinions?
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  1. Up the voltage, its completely normal.
  2. If you are benchmarking, then you can use 1.45 while keeping an eye on the temps. For normal 24/7 use, 4.5 Ghz is plenty. Any more is not worth the extra heat and voltage. I have found 4.3 to be a good compromise.
  3. Once you reach a certain point, the processor often requires you to absolutely DUMP voltage into it to become stable at a given speed.

    The best thing to do, is to drop your speed by a few hundred Mhz, so you can reduce the exponential voltage required.

    You don't need to have a processor to be at the absolute highest speed, 4.5 will be no different from 4.8 for gaming.
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