Virtual vs real memory

I have an asus p6t and rue the day.
there is 8gig of corsair ram installed.
cpuz shows the full 8 gigs but sysinfo and everest home show only 2 gig and the rest as virtual memory.

I have 2 questions
1- will the virtual memory work as well and is this merely a program error as I understand that cpuz is the arbiter
2what am I losing in terms of processing power and can it be fixed (i tried a few bios fixes and the fact that cpuz shows the memory I conclude that the cpu pins are not bent.

PLEASE email me at

many thanks. this has been months of nonsense and asus help knows less than I do which is somesort of anomaly in human evolution
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    1. Virtual Memory is horribly slow.
    2. You need to post the following 2 images:

    Windows correct settings {verify}

    First, make certain that you populated the "RED" DIMM slots first then if 4-DDR stick the black closest to the CPU; see page 2-11. Initially in the BIOS Load Defaults F5 then Save & Exit.

    Please post all DDR3 Memory with either an Exact Part-Number and/or link to your memory.
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