BSOD running P95 using EVGA X58 SLI mobo and i7 950

I just finished builing a I7 950 system using an EVGA X58 SLI mobo and 3x2gb of Kingston 1600 ram that was listed as compatiable on EVGA's site. I got it up and running, installed Windows 7 64bit, and installed all the drivers. I then ran P95 and after about 10 minutes it crashes with a BSOD. I am not familiar with windows 7 so I am not sure what to set so it doesn't reboot after a BSOD so I haven't caught the exact error code.

All I did in the bios was set the ram to XMP which set the timings and speed properly. I then set the ram voltage to 1.65 which is what is rated for. That is all I changed in the bios.

I must be missing something because it shouldn't be crashing running P95 at stock speed. The CPU is reporting that it is running at the stock 3.06ghz. Temps are high when P95 is running but not high enough to cause it to crash I don't think, @mid 80's according to the LCD readout on the mobo. I am using a Thermaltake V1 to cool the 950. I know it isn't the best cooler around but it should be more than enough for a stock i7 950. Idle temps are in the high 20s to low 30s.

I am running Memtest now to see if the memory is the problem. It has been running for about a half hour so far with no errors.

I must be missing something but I don't know what. I left all other voltages at stock as well as all everything else. All I changed was the memory to XMP and the memory voltage to 1.65.
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  1. beekermartin said:

    All I did in the bios was set the ram to XMP which set the timings and speed properly. I then set the ram voltage to 1.65 which is what is rated for. That is all I changed in the bios.

    There's Tested and Certified and Certified {BIOS recognized}, turn-off the XMP and manually set the DDR. Your BSOD/Post Failure should be corrected. A BIOS update may correctly recognize the DDR, but I only recommend BIOS flashes IF they're really needed. Also, for now, first load Default settings.
  2. I already flashed the bios to the newest one.

    At default it sets the ram to 1066 speeds.

    Memtest has finished two complete passes with no errors.
  3. I am going to let Memtest run for the rest of the night and I will check it in the morning. If that runs all night with no errors does that mean I can rule out the memory as the problem?
  4. beekermartin said:
    I am going to let Memtest run for the rest of the night and I will check it in the morning. If that runs all night with no errors does that mean I can rule out the memory as the problem?


    Setting the Memory is really easy:
    Memory Feature /Enter
    Memory Frequency set 1600 MHz
    then enter your timings.
  5. Memtest ran all night with no errors, 8 complete passes.

    What should I check next? I haven't touched any of the voltage settings besides setting the ram to 1.65. Which chosing XMP profile did automatically anyways.

    What should the stock voltages be for everything else?
  6. I assume you manually set the RAM? I too assume that you are not using XMP settings. If not do that as I indicated above. NOT -> "XMP which set the timings and speed properly..."

    So far I've accepted that the RAM is indeed Certified, but just to humor me please post the part-number and/or link.
  7. I think I've figured out the problem. It is heat related. I installed the V1 with the fan facing the top of the case towards the large exhaust fan of the Antec 902. According to the LCD readout on the EVGA mobo the cpu is only hitting 84c. I installed Realtemp and it is reporting 98C! I am typing this while P95 is running 8 threads. It hasn't hit 99c yet but I am willing to bet it will BSOD when it does.

    I assume the V1 must need to be installed with the fan facing the rear of the case instead of the top. The problem with that is that the V1 will contact the top case fan if installed that way. I am going to switch it around and disconnect the top fan for now to see how high the temps get. If they still get that high then I will be researching heatsinks next. I will install the stock Intel hs for now if that is the case.

    Here is a link to the memory I have installed:

    You helped me in the memory thread I started before I purchased it.
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    Well apparently, the RAM is not the problem. As I often state, I choose Certified and/or Tested to ensure stability of the system. Typically, odd too I normally "push" Corsair at the top of my preferences; Kingston is in my top 4.

    There's another very similar post to this BIG CPU in a >tiny< air restricted case. If asked I recommend mid-tower case ~ CM 690 II Advanced or Corsair 700D/800D; I prefer unrestricted airflow {top/bottom/side/rear/front/etc.}

    So it seems that all is OK and the case / fans arrangement needs to be sorted-out. Always have good airflow with ~ negative pressure CFM OUT > CFM IN (Cubic Feet / Minute - airflow). Scythe makes great fans.

    Good Luck!
  9. I applied a fresh layer of AS5 and installed the V1 with the fan blowing towards the rear case fan instead of the top large fan. Sure enough I got the exact same temps. At this point I have to assume something is defective with my V1. There is no way a stock i7 950 should be hitting 98c with a V1 installed. I know the V1 isn't the best of the current crop of coolers but it is a very good cooler according to all the reviews I've read. I bought it over a year ago and it has just been sitting in my closet. I guess I should have tested it out on my current E6600 rig when I first received it.

    The Antec 902 is a midtower case with extremely good airflow. It is rated as one of the best cases between $100-150. You don't think so Jaquith?

    Anyway, I just installed the stock Intel i7 950 heatsink using the stock thermal tape. The highest the temps have hit is 74c running 8 threads of P95 and also while I am typing this!

    I believe it is safe to say I have found my problem. Now I need to decided what heatsink to buy. I have been looking at the H70 but I don't really want to spend that much right now. The Coolermaster 212 seems like a good option for the money. I will do some research when I have some free time. For now I am glad everything appears to be working properly. I won't try to overclock until I have a better cooling solution.
  10. If you are running 2 Front (in) and 1 Top out & 1 Rear out then you should be okay; I looked at the case.

    The H50 is a good option, just purchase (2) 120mm fans.
    V6 GT -
    V8 -

    There are tons of reviews and tests just find one that meets your budget and needs.
  11. I am using the all the stock fans of the 902. When they are all set to low the temps stay around 75c. With them set to high it stays between 73-74c.

    I am running 8 threads of P95 and Furmark right now and the cpu temps haven't moved. I thought it would increase while running Furmark since I am using a MSI Cyclone GTX 460 1gb which doesn't exhaust outside of the case. It hasn't gone up at all so I think the Antec 902 airflow is excellent. I will see what happens when I add the second 460. I plan on installing and testing a side intake fan when I install the second 460.

    Anyway, thanks again jaquith. My problem is solved for now.
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  13. I installed the Cooler Master 212 plus tonight. Cpu temps now stay below 60c while running P95. This is at stock speeds but I am still very impressed at the drop in temps from the stock i7 950 cooler. I am running Furmark while typing this. CPU temps are at 45c and the MSI Cyclone GTX460 is at 56c. That is excellent in my opinion.
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