Enclosure Power Supply ... 2 amp or 3 amp?

Hey guys I have a Macally 3.5 External enclosure that requires 12 volts to operate.
But I've confused two generic power supplies.
Both supplies are 12 volt but one is 2 amp and the other 3 amp.

Could I cause any damage using the wrong one?

The enclosure only lists 12 volt, I can't find any notes in the drives specs that details amperage.
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    With power supplies, the voltage must match exactly, while the rated current (amps) of the power supply must be at least as high as or higher than the amount required by the device that it powers.

    I'd be very surprised if the 2 amp power supply would cause any problems (my external USB drive enclosures all use a 2 amp power supply), but if there's any doubt in your mind then go for the 3 amp supply. Too many volts is Very Bad, but too many amps is just erring on the side of caution.
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  3. Thanks sminlal,

    I knew all that stuff @ one time, but haven't thought about it for years (and years).

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