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I want to upgrade my cpu from an Athlon 64 dual core 5000+ 2.6 to something newer. Not too long after I bought the x1200 I changed the case and added a new psu and video card, but other than that everything is the same. The mobo is an nvidia 8200 and the socket on it is an am2+.

I've read at various places that am2+ boards can work with am3 cpus if the bios have been updated to support it, and I think since I bought it all together the updated bios would come from the acer website. I found on the website a bios file made around 10/8/09 but I have no way of knowing if that will work or anything other than the release date.

So what I need is to know is whether my board can support an am3 cpu . I've been looking around for a while now and I can't seem to find any place with the answers.... if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Also if anyone knows of any am2+ cpus that would be solid upgrades I'm open to that too, just the selection on newegg and the like for am2+ were very limited. I included some links below that might help.] Product page for mobo.] This is a Cnet review for Acer Aspire x1200 it has some specs on it.

I found a website with the detailed specs on the bios I'm using but apparently it scans your system for it so I can't link it and I can't copy/paste but I will happy to relate the information to anyone that thinks it might be a help.

That's about all I've been able to dig up thanks for reading this and for any help you guys my be able to give me.
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  1. This is your computer, right?

    It's always a gamble with OEM motherboards. They rarely provide bios updates to support newer CPUs because it is better for them if you purchase a new computer. The chipset and socket will support the latest CPUs. Plus the bios version seems rather recent. So if it were me, I would take the chance. What do you intend to upgrade to?
  2. I wanted to pin down what I could use before I started narrowing down which exact processor, but I glanced at the recommended cpus on the buying guide in these forums a little while ago and I was thinkng of:]]

    Not sure what the difference is with those first 2 other than the price but they all look like pretty stout upgrades. If the am3's
    don't work I 'll have to go with(]) I guess because i think the maximum wattage my mobo can take is 95. I don't know much about processors other than like clock speed and stuff so any tips you could give me on why one would be better than the other would help alot. Btw, thanks for responding so quickly I didn't really expect any response till at least tomorrow, Thanks!
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    No problem.

    The difference between your first and second is that the second (OEM) does not come with the CPU heatsink and fan, which you would need to buy separately. The only reason to purchase the OEM is to save money because you intend to overclock the CPU with an aftermarket cooler or intend to purchase an aftermarket cooler that is quieter.

    Choosing between the higher clocked dual core and the lower clocked 3-core will depend on your intended uses. Generally though, the x3 will be better. This includes modern games.

    Your last link: We apologize for the inconvenience, but the item you are looking for has been deactivated. Here are some similar products blahblah...

    But if your motherboard only supports the CPUs listed on the acer site, then you already have the best CPU available.

    I am willing to bet one of those CPUs will work though. What is the speed of your processor? There are a few models of 5600+. some with 65W TDP, others with 89W TDP.

    Now, assuming your motherboard supports modern processors and your pricerange is $130 and under, I would consider the Athlon IIx3 or Athlon IIx4. Depending on your intended uses. The only benefit of the phenom IIx3 and phenom IIx4 is the L3 cache. This speeds up how fast the CPU can get the data it needs but not everything benefits from it. Games benefit a lot from cache, up to 15% performance increase vs a L3 cacheless Athlon II at the same clockspeed. Here is a comparison with several benchmarks:

    In most cases, I find the phenom II x2 or x3 to not be worth the over 50% price increase over the Athlon II x2 or x3.

    For any other tips, I'd need to know your intended uses.
  4. I mainly use this pc for gaming and watching videos. Recently I've been trying to get some of my old ps2 games running on it and that takes a stronger cpu to get good frames so that's the main reason I want to upgrade. So I whichever cpus are geared more toward gaming is what I need. From the ones you listed there are so many variations it's hard to tell which ones are the best for what I need. You hit my price range right on the money, so assuming that my mobo is compatible with modern cpus (which I guess I will haha) an Athlon IIx3 or AthlonIIx2 with a high clock speed at 95w or less is what I would need?......... Suggestions?

    thanks again
  5. Quote:
    I am willing to bet one of those CPUs will work though. What is the speed of your processor? There are a few models of 5600+. some with 65W TDP, others with 89W TDP.

    The processor I have now is at 2.6ghz. I'm not looking to run high-end games at maxed out settings but some newer games I can't run that well at all and I know this cpu is fairly old so I know getting a fairly new one will help a lot. I'm not looking for a gigantic upgrade if any of the regular am2+ cpus might be more compatible and will run better than the one I have that would be good but I haven't seen any that would be solid upgrades. I looked into it a little and these look like they could be decent upgrades from my current cpu.] For some reason the links directly to them aren't working they are the 2 95w ones on that page.

    Would either of those be decent upgrades from my Athlon 64 dual core 5000+ 2.6 ghz?
  6. Personally then, I would get the phenom IIx3 for the cache.. Hits your budget.
    If you want to save some money, go with the Athlon IIx3 440. The 200Mhz clockspeed increase is enough to help it keep up with the phenom IIx3 is a lot of things.
    What's your current video card and what games do you play?
  7. From what I've seen the phenomIIx3 looks like my best bet. The card I have now is a Nvidia 9800gtx+. Most of the games I play right now run fairly well. The biggest slow downs in games that I play are in world in conflict which usually runs fairly well actually and empire: total war. Empire is barely playable and I think that one is fairly cpu intensive. Other than that and the emulator I use for my old Ps2 games everything else I need it for runs fine. The Phenom IIx3 looks very nice, I've noticed all the cpus from newegg have a replacement only policy. Would that mean if I bought an am3 and it turned out not to work there would be no way to get my money back? If that's the case I might want to buy a cheaper one in case it doesn't work. Thanks again.
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  9. stump238 said:
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    Did you ever find a suitable CPU upgrade for the Acer Aspire X1200's mobo? Would an AM3 processor work? What was your final result? I have an old x1200 that I'd love to upgrade alongside my Gaming PC. I like it's size and style and would really like to turn it make it a media pc, possibly with a low profile nvidea 750ti and a sfx 450 watt or 600 watt psu from silverstone, but I kind need to know if buying one of these older cpu's used through ebay would be worth the upgrade, not to mention whether an AM3 would allow me to increase to from ddr2 to ddr3 with a higher mem cap.
    I really hope this gets to you and you can answer seeing as how it has been so many years since you posted this.
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