Packard Bell iXtreme CPU upgrade

I have a Packard Bell iXtreme with Q8500 2.5GHZ. Is it straight forward to take out the CPU and replace it with a faster Q9505 CPU?
Is it a case that becasue this is not a home build Pc (ie off the shelf) I would not be able to upgrade the CPU?
Thanks for any info you may have.
Andrew, Cape Town
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  1. I wouldn't do it. It may not work. Most oem systems aren't designed for cpu upgrades. If you buy the newer cpu, be prepared to sell it or change motherboards if it doesn't post.
  2. Depends on the BIOS. If there is a model with the Q9505 then it should work. Check the Packard Bell website for BIOS updates and CPU support.
  3. Thanks everyone so far. Information from Packard Bell is always slow coming. They did reply with the following:

    The unit will take the listed processors if they have the following:

    Socket: 775
    FSB: 1333


    So the only question I have is about BIOS. Now excuse my ignorance that a "solvable" issue with software or could it put a stop to the whole upgrade.
  4. Well, basically they are saying you should be able to use any 775 CPU except the extreme editions with the 1600 FSB, but of course that's probably not entirely true. Anyway, the proper BIOS will make sure that your system recognizes the Q9505 and can use the correct voltage and Power saving options. You're probably better off with the slightly older Q9550 (which has more cache than the 9505) as it came out before the Q8500 so you shouldn't have a problem with the BIOS.
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