First time OC - Intel C2D E7400

Sorry title should read "Help with first time OC..."

RAM is 2x 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400 (400MHz) 5-5-5-18
Motherboard is Asus P5Q SE
CPU cooler is stock
Case is an Antec 900
520W PSU

I've bookmarked a useful guide relating to the mobo I have and it seems to be a simple process of enabling certain options in the BIOS. The C2D guide on this site is also very helpful.

I am slightly skeptical about how much I'm going to be able to OC without producing too much heat. The cores usually idle around 30-35°C but running HWMonitor in the background while playing PlanetSide 2 usually leaves me a max of ~65°C after a long session using medium/high settings. My case fans are set to low so I guess with some noise I might shave off ~5°C right? IIRC Intel say you shouldn't run this CPU hotter than 74°C.

I have Realtemp, CPU-Z and OCCT. Anything else I really need?

Any tips and advice would be hugely appreciated, even with all the guides I still feel a little overwhelmed and anxious about the whole thing.
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  2. To be honest, stock coolers for those processors were.. lacking.

    If you're serious about clocking the chip, buy a decent cooler and you'll be able to achieve some more speed from it. As you increase the speeds the thing is going to get hotter and hotter, so it's an investment if you're wanting to overclock. I don't suggest overclocking on an intel C2D with a stock HSF, my personal judgement there.

    I know the feeling about being anxious but as I always say; read, read, and read some more. The more you learn before you start tinkering; the more you'll be prepared if something does go wrong/right. :) I also personally prefer CPUID Hardware Monitor for my temperature readings/voltage readings/fan speed readings and the like. It's my all in one center and even reads the temperatures of my two GPU's running in SLi. :)
  3. Yeah this is probably the best idea, cheers.
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