Does cooler master haf 932 chasis supports intel 5520 boards

Just need to ask can i install a intel xeon quadcore dual processors with a intel 5520sc mother board in cooler master haf 932 chasis
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  2. okie then i have to go with intel's own server casing :(
  3. there are other server case take a look around the net - google them!
  4. man i really liked that one plus Walikum as Salam
  5. this is just a suggestion but see if the thermaltake thai chi can accomodate your board - i had a client at the microcenter who took one for a dual pentium setup for his server.

    Where dya hail from?
  6. Karachi Pakistan
  7. This case support mATC, ATX and eATX. Dimension on you are mobo is 30.5cmx33cm, so answer is no. You can't install this mobo in HAF 932.

    Look here:
  8. I'm not saying it does or doesn't fit, but they seemed to make it work HERE. If you click the last pic, not all the mounting holes match up.
  9. to all those answering - read the 2nd post :)

    @ Jibran - ah, i hail from a former part of pakistan - Bangladesh - though i was in Dubai a few years back.
  10. Lutfij said:
    to all those answering - read the 2nd post :)

    Didn't realize your word was final. Besides, no one else disagreed that it won't fit. A little extra info never hurts.
  11. sigh - yes boss!
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  13. Thank You for the vote ! :)
  14. np
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