ADATA Gaming Series!?!

Hi there, has anyone heared of this memory, or used it before
coz i'm planning to buy this memory kit for my system, and with better price than this on amazon,
except i've never heared of ADATA memories!!
and the guy who's selling me told me that this (2oz copper) gives it a much better performance than any other memory model?!
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  1. Hi.
    You see, you can get DDR2 with Micron chip with cheap price. That is A-Data Plus series or X-Series.
    If you're going DDR3, A-Data Vitesta Extreme Edition has good performance, can be overclocked highly, although non-Micron. But it's cheap & has great compatibility with almost all Mobos.

    The A-Data comes in three variety: X-Series, Plus-Series, G-series. Gaming series is G-series. X and Plus is geared toward overclocking, though X is best at overclock. You can visit their web site here:

    They have lifetime warranty, along with cheap price. (and Micron chips for DDR2 memory). So I guess this is very great.
    The downside is, the heatsink looks like 'glued' to the memory, making it quite worrying of getting plucked off.
  2. I have used AData products in the past and have been very pleased with their performance, including both pricing and warranty service. While not as widely known as Corsair or Kingston, they do build good products.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience
  4. Uh,.. best answer,?... plis?..
  5. A Data is a very good and reliable brand. Go to and look up the reviews on that memory. I have 4 gigs of the A Data DDR3 Gaming Series ram and it is phenomenal. I have it running stable at 1900mhz, 9-9-9-24 timings, 1.55V and it runs cool. At DDR3 1600 speeds I had it at 7-7-7-18 timings. If it is cheap I'd go for it.
  6. Thanks guys, i think i'll go for ADATA!
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