Ageia PhysX problem with my GTX 260

:whistle: Hi All,

I am newbie here, and I need you senior guys a little help please.

I have an GTX 260 Zotac, great card, but when I run GPU-Z, the PhysX is untick, which is odd.

If I go to control panel under Ageia, it tells No Ageia PhysX installed and then under...Installed Ageia phys engine v.2.6.3 to all the way to v2.3.1.

Any advise please?

I tried to unistalled and re installed already 3 times the Physx software, with reboot and everything, I also re downloaded and re installed the latest Nvidia driver......

Many thanks
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  1. Hmmm what a odd combo, usually people just run physx off the main card or on a weaker nvidia card than your gts260. Your gtx260 should handle physx on its own if not track down a 8600gt or something along those lines and dump it into the second pci-e slot if you got one. If not check the agia card to see if something isn't right like a missing cap or burn marks. Clean out any dust if any is there.
  2. The phys-x drivers are part of the Nvidia Driver itself, so when you down load the newest Nvidia Driver for your GTX 260 the phys-x driver is already included.
    Do a normal driver install of the Nvidia driver and you will notice a Phys-x setting in the Nvidia control panel menu (as long as your card supports phys-x of course)
    I've never once had to download a separate driver for phys-x.
  3. Thanks guys,

    I have run driver swepper software in safe mode, and re installed the driver from Nvidia website, now works 100%....thank you both. ciao
  4. If you want to see something cool download the phys-x screensaver and watch it go. I've got a family picture as a flag and it's funny to see the phys-x ball tear it apart.
    You can download the screensaver from the driver page at the bottom of the
    features list.
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