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i have 2 toshiba laptops, satellite a200 and tecra A3.

satellite currently has celeron m 1.86ghz code name yonah and the tecra has celeron m 1.4ghz code name dothan.

the satellite is dead now so i want to switch the processor, is it possible?

and if i do a try, will a non compatible processor damage the laptop instantly or just wont boot up?

i also found that the tecra has a socket 479 and satellite has socket M (478).

and by the way is it possible to use a processor with 478 pins on socket 479 as well?

i also have an option to buy a second hand Pentium m 740 1.73ghz. compatible with my machine(s)?
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  1. You might strike it lucky. I have an L30 laptop here with a Celeron 410 and looks like it will take the older Core Duo quite happily (according to the forums...will find out in a few days!).

    I good start would be to have a look around the Toshiba support forum:-

  2. On initial digging around I didn't see anything on cpu upgrades for the A3, hope you have more luck or maybe ask them directly.

    The A3 did seem to be available with a few variations on the 533 bus Pentium M.
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