Might have a problem with my Power Suplly, Need Help

Hello everyone,

In the past few days my computer is making a strange noise and I think it's from the power suply. The noise sounds like a fan touching a wire or something and gives a kind of crickle sound, and it only happens when my computer is at high temps, but know it's getting hotter here and it's starting to happen a lot more often.

I know the noise is not a whire touching a fan cause I opened up everything including the power suplly and every fan is wire free.

I know that the noises doesn't come from a possible ruined fan cause I have tested it, but i still don't know for sure weather it's coming from the cpu cooler or not, cause i didn't disconnected it.

But i'm almost positive it's from the power suply because on the past few days my pc rebooted automatically while plyaing a game or a few seconds after i left the game, and I think that might be some power failure, cause it never happende before.

My power suply has 500W which is more than enought for my needs.

What i wanted to ask you guys is if I should replace my power suplly or do you might know what's causing it and explain me how to end it. I can buy a new power supply but i want to make sure i'm not making a wrong choice.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Would be nice to know a little more. ie Brand/model of PSU, MB, and processor.

    That aside. Downnload CPUID HWMonitor, install. Look at voltages, temps, and fan speeds. Look at both Idle and Loaded conditions. For Idle just turn your computer on, wait 15 mins and note. For loaded condition run a program like Prime95, to load cpu, and Furmark to load GPU. will add links.


    Post results and we might be able to help.
  2. Sorry, my bad for the lack of info.

    So specs:
    MB- Asus P5B Deluxe
    Processor - Intel Pentium D 3.40Ghz
    PSU - Q-Tec PSU 500W BigFan http://www.qtec.info/products/product.htm.924.html

    And now the temps and volts.



    Ok so first picture is idle temps and volts.
    Second one loaded.

    I personaly think my cpu is really hot, i stopped the test at that temp, but i suspect i would still rise. Tell me what you think of it.

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Not familar with Processor - Intel Pentium D 3.40Ghz as far as max allowable temps. Me I do not like temps over 60 C. You might wan't to use your chipset to fry up some eggs. I would open the side of your case and put a small table fan close blowing in and rerun max load condition. Would indicate if case airflow should be improved. For the auxtin, I'm not sure but that could be your chipset. If it does not have a little chipset fan cooler on it, I would definitly consider one.

    With the side off, could you tell where the noise was coming from.

    Voltages look OK on the surface. 12.66, although High, it's OK and a 0.4 drop under load is OK (does indicate middle of the road regulation). +5 V - fine

    Not sure of "quality" of PSU brand - This is what many skimp on, or do not check out, NOT a good move..

    LOOKS like max temp for Pentium D is arround 63C (70 C ouch)
  4. I did some research and auxtin is some auxiliary device or auxiliar power that hwmonitor doens't recognize or it's not connect, so the temp reading goes nuts. So there's nothing at 100C inside my pc.

    And yes, my cpu is hotter than it should be.

    So now i'm considering a new cpu cooler and a new psu, the one I bought was cheap so that might indicate the "quality".

    Could you recommend me a good cpu cooller and a good PSU ?

    I've done the math and any PSU above 540W is enough to power up my pc.
  5. PSU - Oustanding choice.

    CPU cooler - I like, But not the best. That said, I Have the 9500A on my E6400 OCed to 3.2 GHz - works fine. I have the 9700 on my I5-750. Like the solid cooper base and the Backing Plate (Hate Push pins).

    A number of other posters seem to like the:
    Hyper 212
    Sunbeam freezer
    High end ones are 60 + dollars, but normally only shave a few more degrees off.
  6. Thanks for the replys.

    But there's one thing i forgot to mention.

    I actually have a zalman cooling my cpu. It's a Zalman CNPS 7700-Cu. Do you think that it might be ruined or something for giving me those high temps ? i currently have it for about 1-2 years and it has endured a lot of hight temps.

    From your experience do you think it may have a problem ?
  7. High temps should not damage a HSF. The Zalman cnps-7700 should be OK, but there are better choices (under $40) out there. Comment - Your screen shot shows cpu fan at 2400 RPMs. the Spec indicat 2000 +/- 200 RPMs????
  8. Sorry, I said the wrong model. It's CNPS7000C-Cu and that one has the right rpm on the specs.

    But thanks for your replys, I'm gonna get a new PSU and probaly a new CPU cooler, but first i'll replace mine with new heatsink and everything to see if it makes a big difference or if it's really not enought for my needs.
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