Is my new card healthy and happy?

Hey all!

Ok so after the saga of pain that was my 8800gt sli setup I've just today installed my new HD5870 :)

So I've done a couple of benchies and found that Arma2 is horribly unoptimized compared to many modern games but that's beside the point lol

So I've run the stability test on Furmark and after 15 mins the peak temp was 89 degrees (although I sat there the whole time and it just touched 89 for a second about twice during the test)

Idle sits at 38 on boot and after warming up rests at about 45-48

Does this all finally seem to be in order?, I'm happy with it, but I just thought I'd get the stamp of approval from you guys too lol

Here's a rig run-down for good measure:

Foxconn Renaissance
i7 920 @ 2.8 Ghz
ASUS HD5870 (factory clocks)
Generic DVD drive
2x 7800rpm HDD
HighPower 750w Psu

Oh and the case is a Jeantech Luna, which is now minus one of its HDD clips which I had to pry off to fit the new card in :P, forethough fail lol

Thanks for any opinions!

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  1. What's your ambient (room) temperature?

    If it's around 20-23C then that load temperature is kinda high. Does your case have good airflow? You might want to add more fans if your case has space for them. Otherwise, upgrade to a beefier fan.

    I feel kinda envious. I only have a 5750, but it's still good enough for me so far. :)
  2. I'm not sure on the ambient temp but it's warm without feeling too hot or cold, just a comfortable temperature.

    There's no more room for fans but I might take a look at the airflow for good measure, I'm moving to a less cramped room in a couple of days anyway so I might see improvements there without having to do anything at all lol

    I'm guessing by "kinda high" you mean "could be better" rather than "is likely to be a danger to the card" right?


  3. 89C isnt to bad, its still safe....

    With my HD5850 I set the fan speed manually to 32% whilst gaming and it keeps the card under 60C, I would imagine that Furmakr would make it another 10C hotter.

    Just try a manual fan speed, I find that 32% is still pretty quiet and also keeps the temps down.

    I'm using a Coolermaster HAF932 with 2 x 120mm fans blowing cold air into the intake fan on the card, which probably helps some what.
  4. From everything I've read, Furmark pushes the GPU well beyond what anything else would. If it stayed below 90, you are probably pretty good to go. You'll find that most people are geting up to as high as 85 on the most punishing games.
  5. yeah 80 is normal. under 80 is cool. more than 80 is not so good.
    so try to have it under 80 mine is 76.and when you play a game it's normal to have it above 80 but try to have it under 90
    and for Arma2 there are patches for making it better you can download them from:
  6. Start Gpu-z in the monitoring tab it will show you peak max temp. Run a 3d demo such as re5 or Dirt2 demo/full benchmark a few times. It probably won't be anywhere near Furmark. This also gives you your memory temp (which is usually even higher) Also if your rig didn't crash during Furmark, thats another positive sign. But I'd run 3d in window for some hours before just subjecting it to Furmark. Which under some circumstances might cook a card way easier than hours of gaming ever could.
  7. You will be able to lower temps by getting a larger case. Just my opinion. The HAF 922 or HAF 932 are good options from Cooler Master, if you're interested.
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