Constant freezing O/C fx-8150 CPU with AM3+ ASUS M5A97...

Hi guys,

I have been trying to have this thing working for over a week - getting quite frustrated... I have watched every video, read every thread... Thing is, seems to me that no body out there has the same CPU/MB/RAM combo so can't find the optimal O/C settings for my setup.

I have tried incremental steps, but constant freezing past 3.9Mhz ??!!!!! I've tried through bios, and even through AsusAI suite... I have done it all... Up the voltage, disable power saving options, tried playing around with the multipliers and frequencies... nothing seems to allow me to go past the 3.9 mark.

Even more sad, the only way it gets to 3.9mhz mark is with the automated 'Optimal Mode' in the bios EZ-mode... But when I start from there and deactivate settings and up the multiplier and voltages, it craches again... URGH.

Specs :

cpu : AMD fx-8150
m/b : AM3+ ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AMD970
ram : 16g 1666mhz DDR3
v/c : sapphire radeon hd 7970 o/c with boost
h/d : kingston 240g ssd
o/s : win 8
p/s : corsair 650w
cooling : corsair H80

Can somebody please help me reach at least a stable 4.2 ???
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  1. I have a FX-8120 and have mine set to 4GHz with just a 20x multiplier no over voltage and only Cool and Quiet disabled. With a FX-8150 you should be able to hit at least 4GHz with just a multiplier overclock.
  2. As with any overclock, your mileage may vary. Some chips just overclock better than others.

    Having said that, I agree with the above suggestions: Don't touch anything other than the CPU multiplier for starters. Don't increase voltages at all initially.
  3. Ok. I will try this tonight ! I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  4. URGGGHHH... I did exactly what you said -- and it still freezes !! I downloaded occt and it froze almost instantly (prime95 would be even wrose imo). Do I have a lemon ???
  5. Ok so for the heck of it, I have put my bios to DEFAULTS, and tried OCCT again...

    It hasn't froze yet (urgh..) but weird thing, my CPU usage is everywhere between 94% and 100%... 3400MHz to 4000Mhz.. I think this is because of the Turbo kicking in..!?

    Its been 3 minutes so far and no hanging..

    BUT my temps are really high ?!? I have a H80, and at default, this still puts be up to 54 degrees CPU (however, cores are at 34 degrees --which one should I consider?)

    CPU VCORE seems to be unstable around 1.19V...?
  6. Post CPU-z screenshots please. Is you usage at 90% with no applications running? What does Task manager say?
  7. actually 90% usage is during a stress test (it should be 100%!)...

    cpu-z shows me unstable core speeds, and multiplier.. but i guess this is normal;

    between 1400mhz and 4200mhz, and 7x to 21x...?

    but this is with default values !!

    i want to know why i cant o/c to 4 stable :(
  8. turn off turbo ?
  9. If I turn off turbo, it'll max out at 3,6 mhz in default..?

    If I turn off turbo @ 20x multiplier, it freezes..
  10. Hi bro!!
    Even I was facing the same problem with my FX-8150 on ASUS M5A97 R2.0 /w Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz stock cooler & WD Caviar 500GB Hard Disk..Whenever I overclocked my CPU above 3900MHz It used to occasionally freeze..But now my my CPU is overclocked at 4000MHZ (200MHz x20) and it's smooth as butter..problem is with Win7..I had Win7 Ultimate but when I upgraded to Win8 and upgraded my BIOS with latest BIOS from ASUS website it just works I have all Cores always on for any it copy/paste, install/uninstall..everything is now is multithreaded..problem is with task scheduler of windows earlier than Win8 which don't recognize the innovative architecture of FX series and are thus not optimised..Microsoft has a Hotfix for FX series on Win7..use that mi8 just work..good luck bro!!!
  11. My O/C Settings are:
    Bus Freq: 200MHz
    Multiplier: 20
    CPU Voltage: ~1.3675V
    DRAM Voltage: ~1.6375V
    DRAM Freq: 1600MHz
    I use D.O.C.P (DRAM O/C Profile)

    NOTE: Cool N Quite OFF
    APM Master Mode OFF
    HPC Mode ON
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