Which one?

Im debating betwenn which i should go with

1) Get a very nice am2+ mobo that supports really fast ddr2 ram (1200 or 1066) with that ram and stick with my current cpu (and overclock my cpu much more)


2) wait until about 9 months from now, and upgrade everything to am3 and ddr3?

I kindof want to go for the first choice to get everything i can out of my cpu and gfx card while i can. But i think it might be a waste if i am going to have to upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram in a year or sooner anyways to keep up with newer computers.

So im looking for some oppinions on which one i should go with. Thanks for any replies!
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  1. I would hold off your system looks like it will last a year
  2. you should be able to upgrade to am3 quite cheaply

    a 770 chipset mb , x2 555 and 4 gig of DDR3 wont be much more than $250 and theres every chance the other cores of the processor will unlock
  3. I just got this cpu and dont want to pay for another one, and why would i go to a dual core? so i thought that upgrading my mobo and ram would let me get the most out of the cpu and gfx i have, while i have them. then about 1 year from now i could upgrade to am3 and ddr3.
  4. because most people have been able to unlock the other cores of the x2 555 to make a quadcore

    and selling your old processor will offset some of the cost
  5. I would rather go with stability and not waste time trying to do all that. But I though that if i got a nice mobo and ram now, that my comp would last a bit longer.
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