Help check noob's 1st build

I enjoy games like MW3, BF3 etc. I play on XBOX360. I have never built or played on PC. Please check specs. Will my experience playing games with this be better than XBOX? ($700 budget.) If not, why bother?

CPU+GPU: AMD A10-5800K (built-in Radeon HD7660D crossfired with a HD6670 1GB DDR5) $120 and $85
Heat sink: coolermaster Hyper 212 $35
MB: Asrock FM2A85X Extreme 6 $95
HDD: SSD Intel 330 2.5" 120GB $114
Memory: Kingston HyperX 8GB 1866MHz $50
PSU: Seasonic M1211 620W Bronze 80 rated. $90
Case: Sentey Extreme Devision GS-500B Blue tower case $110
Optical Drive: Sony DVD-ROM $19
Total: $718

How does it look? What can I expect? Any advise from the experts is greatly appreciated. I looked at building a comperable i5 3570K w/GTX660 rig with WD 500GB HD and same or similar components as AMD, but it will be $980.
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  1. There are several things I would change:

    1. The case. $110 is waaayy to much to spend on a $700 budget. I would get the cheapest case possible that isn't a total piece of crap, like a $30-50 one made by antec, corsair, coolermaster, etc. Cases don't make your computer faster and you can still get good airflow with a low cost one.

    2. $90 for your budget is a bit much for a psu. Seasonic is a good brand but I would look for something in the $60 range. There are other good brands that will get the job done for a slightly lower price.

    3. If this is for gaming I would get an intel CPU instead of AMD. There are benchmarks of $60 sandy bridge Intel pentium dual cores beating AMD six cores... (in games)

    4. If you don't OC or SLI/CF you lose pretty much nothing by buying a $65 motherboard over a $100+ motherboard.

    5. 120Gig SSD is okay if you only put OS + a few programs but be careful as it can fill up fast. Might want to buy an ~$85 1TB or 2TB instead. I personally use a 256GB SSD and am fine, but YMMV.

    6. Aftermarket heatsinks are good, but if you don't OC its possible to use the stock one and save even more money.

    7. You don't need 1866 speed ram, just get 1333/1600 and save 20 bucks.

    If I was building a $700 gaming rig I would get something along the lines of i5/7850, i3/7870, POSSIBLY even i5/7870. IMO that will give you the best performance for your budget
  2. Thanks, ehanger. I will see what I might come up with using i5/7850 with cheaper case, MB, PSU, RAM. Thank you for your input.
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