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Could someone give me a list of components to build a tiger of a computer, the best. I have a budget of approximatly $4000.00 to $5000.00
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  1. making a list now. i take it that's USD!?!?
  2. how much storage do you need?
  3. Wolf_Leader said:
    making a list now. i take it that's USD!?!?

    US or Canadian
  4. Wolf_Leader said:
    how much storage do you need?

    Hello. I would like to have combined 1.5Terabytes to 2 TB
  5. just got home. that'll make it a lot easier. 10 mins
  6. Motherboard: EVGA 4 WAY (480)
    CPU: i7 980X (1000)
    RAM: 12gb corsair dominator gt (850)
    SSD: OCZ vertex limited edition 50 (200)
    GPU: 4 x 5870 xxx (1700)
    HDD: 1 x 2 TB (250)
    PSU: 1500W (300)
    Case: P80R (500)

    Im in aus so i'm not 100% on the pricing.
    I went for the 5870 XFX XXX edition cos the GTX 480 is too expensive.
    Cooling is not included (apart from fans).
    Case accesories are not included.
    With that hardware you would need watercooling and a would have phase change for the cpu.
    I wouldn't spend all that money on a pc!
    IF you want good cooling and other things i'd get the i7 930 which is WAY cheaper and easy to overclock on phase change and watercooling. u could also start with say 2 cards instead of 4.
    To build the best you would need $10,000.
    That would include watercooling, phase change, multiple SSD in raid. heaps of accesories, 4 gtx 480 FTW edition with inbuilt waterblocks etc.
    If you want to ask me anything please do however i'm quite worried that your blowing that much on a pc when you don't no what parts you want (i.e. dont no that much about computers) A tiger pc would need modding aswell and serious overclocking!!!
    And some of the things i list were personal preference (ie the case)
  7. Thank you Wolf_Leader
    The last one I built cost me $3000.00 inc Acer 24 led/lcd

    cpu i7 950 3.07 Ghz
    Asus pt6 MB
    Ati 5770
    Corsair 1000 W PS
    Mem 6gig
    2 HD 1 300Gig Raptor one WD 1TB
    LG Blue ray r/w

    I guess I could have done better but I am always looking for the best. It there a better way to beef up what I have presently? Would additional graphics adapters boost performance or a better graphics adapter be recomended for what I have
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