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Hello, i came across this video the other day that had a pretty awesome idea. He took apart an old fridge and constructed components to attach it to his pc. He said it got to -36 without load! It looks like he just made it for a home project, is their anything on the actual market that does this but professionally? I realize condensation would be a problem, but as the video does, it points out a couple steps that one can take to fight against that.
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  1. that seems like a really iffy and stupid idea if your not a pro at refrigerant cooling and plumbing
    Just get/build a huge external rad but use REAL WATER COOLING PIPING AND FITTINGS AND WATERBLOCKS
    good luck
  2. Seems really sketchy. Plus, I'd really be worrying about condensation. If you really want your computer cool, you could just go with a custom water loop, or, thermo electric cooling.
  3. thermo is the way to go. i was thinking about trying the fridge design but its to much work and i do move my case out of my house a lot. look at my concept for the thermo

    combines all three common cooling in one. i know my temps could be lower with the peltier on top of the liquid cooling block which is what i will be doing on my system once my power supply comes in.
  4. You are going to cause condensation and fry everything. You would have to control it somehow so the coolant never got below the dew point.
  5. Fridge idea bad, quadrider is closer to the money, check the link I posted in his thread as well,
    if you want cold, we got it
  6. The only hard part is making a bracket and finding a powersupply that works for the specific peltier. I'd love to adjust mine with a pot or something but idk if they go that high. You would also want a nice layer underneath to help with condensation. Luckily its cold and dry out now so that shouldn't be a problem right now
  7. I doubt you'd get a potentiometer rated high enough to deal with a peltier, it would have to be hefty :P
    maybe some form of switching transformer but thats way out of my league so you'd have to research that option
  8. Just an idea, but what if you were watercooling your rig, and decided to chill the water with the old fridge part. that kinda take the condensation out of the picture. It would also make the water so cold, thus improving it. Maybe put it all of the rad or in the water container.
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    It doesn't remove the condensation issue, you still have a pipe/tube that contains gas/liquid that is colder than the surrounding environment, when they meet, its droplet time :P
    a lot of people go down the fridge route but theres a ton of insulation work to do and constant vigilance to make sure theres no issues, compared to that regular W/c is a walkaway doddle,
    its do-able, but very hard to get right and the work involved makes most folks discard the idea
    and as yet theres no marketed version, its you that builds it,
    you could check 4Ryan6's sub-ambient thread stickied at the top, or go my route,
    Peltiercooled waterchiller that cools a mass of water inside it, your water feeds into it and takes from it so as well as your rads removing heat, you have cooler water to begin with,
    I'm on hold at the moment as I need to rebuild my rig to fully accomodate the chiller but initial explorations with a weak flow suggest very good potential
    from a mere 48w pelt
    **Edit to add Ryan's link,
  10. use a pipe insulator i prefer armaflex and duct tape all exposed places and if your really precautions you could store the entire pc tower in a sealed/airtight container having it stored in a vacuum could help

    i am a HVAC/R technician and process cooling is my specialty. good luck
  11. Psst necro is bad ok. It's been dead 1 day shy of a year I think it's time to let this one move on to where threads go to when they die.
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