Water cooling begginer need some references and answers

I have several questions about watercooling im a begginer about it and wanna learn few things im wondering.
Well i was checking other forums and googling alot and choose several components for my watercooling.
It's only cpu watercooling for now but gonna upgrade gpu too.

my related specs;

İntel i7-920 c0/c1 @ 3ghz (still rocks me but want more free performance out of it so aiming for at least 4ghz)
P6t deluxe mobo

And the components i'm thinking to buy

cpu block - http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-supremacy-nickel.html
480 rad - http://www.dangerden.com/store/black-ice-sr1-480.html#tabs
reservoir - https://frozenqshop.com/index.php/lf250.html
pump - http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11740/ex-pmp-109/Swiftech_MCP35X_12v_PWM_Controlled_Water_Pump.html?tl=g30c107s153#blank

Well the problem here is i read much about swiftech mcp35x and there are a lot of pump goes dead occurrence so im confused about it most people also says that this pump is one of the best. So im having second thoghts about it please help me to find another one or make me trust this thing :D

Also about resrvoir, is it a must to have it? I read also about it and there are some pictures i saw without reservoir. I know it's for checking water levels and cleaness. Picked my reservoir for its looking only.

Atm checking the tubing and fittings, can give me some idea about them.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Have you read through the watercooling sticky?
  2. Reservoirs can be priceless in a custom loop. I may not be a water cooling guru; but I will say this much, they can make priming and filling so easy and nearly riskless.

    READ READ READ READ more READing and then READ some more.

    I can't even begin to stress the importance of reading before you make a custom loop. There's a couple AWESOME stickies here for water cooling but the best thing is to go for a few hours on google and reading about custom loops. Water cooling can look AWESOME in a case, perform excellent, and even can be nearly silent. However, it can be potentially dangerous to the hardware in your rig. Remember, one leak can end the motherboard in a flash.

    However, personally I don't see the point in water cooling anymore. Considering the performance of cheaper air cooling units that perform quite well, water cooling to me has become nothing more than a fashion statement or a way to get that last couple mhz out of a processor. A coolermaster Hyper 212 cools my sandy bridge 2600k to about the same as people have rated the H100 cooler at. I spent a fraction of the price and I don't ever have to worry about cleaning out the water, checking for leaks, or any other hazards that come with water cooling.

    If you do go for water cooling, I'm going to suggest a test run once you build your loop. Run the loop for a while outside of the case away from the components to make sure you don't have any leaks. A leak = death to hardware. :) I hope this helps you out. Remember, READ everything you can!
  3. ^ This is a very true statement. Watercooling isn't 'needed' but can be a very fun hobby and cooling project. I cannot stress enough how much prerequisite work, research and reading should be done before really making any decisions or installation. Take your time and determine what you need, why you need it, how much you can spend and how to implement/support it. It will make a big difference in the long run.
  4. well i have a reason to water cool my pc because it nearly 5 years old system only changed gpu and it still stands rock solid. Never had any slightest problem with it.
    But im using my i7-920@3ghz i would like to get my possible 1ghz+ more free performance out of it with really efficent cooling afterwards gonna upgrade the gpu to water cooling too im using a msi 6850 cyclone Oc edition and im really content with it but i also can overcloack it a little since i noticed some serious fps drops on some new games this year. But cpu comes first. I also have very little experience with water cooling, thanks to my friend, i know how to deal with leaks and stuff if it comes to will use clamps too but wanna make it also look good(as a secondary objective of course)
    Also read the sticky too didnt know about deltaT, well i know about it of course but didnt know i had to calculate it on pc so working on that now thanks.
  5. Also i probably able to use rad, reservoir, fittings and some parts of tubing(maybe) on my next big system upgrade until then wanna spend less money for better performance.
  6. Also i probably able to use rad, reservoir, fittings and some parts of tubing(maybe) on my next big system upgrade until then wanna spend less money for better performance.
    Edit: forgot the pump there.
  7. Hey Aemrod what is your currant heatsink? I ask because I want to let you know that just because you have water cooling does not mean you will get a 1.4 ghz overclock. a lot of factors go in to this and normal heat is the smallish issue if you going from good gear to good gear.
  8. Watercooling doesn't automatically mean you get big overclocks by default. You really need to know how to overclock, the capabilities of the components in your build (CPU, MB, RAM, power supply) and the correct BIOS settings in order to implement these overclocks.

    Watercooling helps eliminate the excess heat generated by increased voltage and speeds...you still have to be considerate of the vcore needed to reach the speeds you wish for stability. This is where you really need to understand the speed and thermal thresholds of the hardware you are overclocking.
  9. Well im using Akasa Nero its a good heatsink i think at least served me well. Before that i used TT spinQ it was terrible.

    I know water cooling will not get me automatically an overclock but my cpu is a i7-920 C0/C1 revision its runs really hot its also hard to get a stabile overclock too. My point is i need to overclock this thing deeper till i get 4ghz at least saw some ppl with 4.4ghz with less than 1.40 vcore so i know it differs between cpu specimens but in any case if i want to get higher than 3.5ghz i think i'll need a watercooling system to run it on a good condition. Also my vcore at 1.33 i think it could be 1.35 too not sure its been awhile need to check it again :D

    Well about my components capabilities
    Psu - CM m850 real power. I think i have plenty spare juice to use.
    Mobo - Asus p6td(latest bios) Chose this mb cuz of its price/performance and good oc capability
    Ram - 3x2gb Ocz gold ddr3 1600mhz(gonna change theese too)
  10. What are you looking to improve with the overclocking? Benchmark results? Gaming? Development tools? Video encoding/decoding? CAD? Photo processing?
  11. Well im using autocad, 3dsmax for modelling, photoshop and also gaming. Interested in benchmark results too. I also need more ram too but first dont want to change my mobo and cpu at least i dont wanna spend money on them now so thats why im betting on my cpu overclock capability. Also reall want a less noisy and dusty case interior so.
  12. Never bet on overclocking ability. Just because you have the most epic water cooling system a nerd like us could dream of doesn't mean the chip will handle 4Ghz. As with most processors, it's a luck of the draw for the most part when it comes to overclocking. I've had the good side and the bad side of chips and wouldn't bet anything on reaching a sweet overclock on any chip without knowing what it can do.

    The way I look at water cooling, it gives you a little more thermal headroom for more voltage. That can give you some more frequency on the chip; but if you hit the max for the chip as is; it probably won't give you as much as you'd be paying for in the long run. In your situation; instead of spending the money on all the water cooling gear; I'd probably just put my money into an Ivy bridge i7 and a nice matching Z77 motherboard. The performance increase you'll see in that 1Ghz isn't going to be near the increase you'll see in a 3770k@4.2Ghz. And as for a decent water cooling system; if you really look into it a Hyper 212 on a 3770k (which I got my hyper 212 for $15 bucks after $10MIR) will usually net you only 200mhz less than a decent water cooling loop. No risks of leaks! Either way, you can pour money into a water cooling system for the 920 and hope it gets to 4Ghz or look to an upgrade. Personally I'd buy the ivy bridge system and have all the speed with the Hyper 212 and slap the stock cooler on the 920, toss a few cheap parts into it and sell it and recover the money from the upgrade.

    Either way it's your call. Stock to Stock the Ivy is going to perform better. Max OC on the averages I've seen, the Ivy is definitely going to slaughter the 920 considering most people can achieve 4.2Ghz on the 3770k on the stock cooler.
  13. Air cooling is sufficient these days. I had a Coolermaster v8 which I modded for my necessities doing 3xCorsair SP 120mm keeping temps a delta 15 room temperatures. I live in Malta and the mediterranean climate is hot and dry during summer and cold and wet during winter(too much humidity).

    I also am keen to do a watercooled rig even though it is more expensive and risky and you have to design a proper loop, easy to fill etc and getting rid of the coolant in a way that there won't be any risk.

    Personally I would say to an extent of what Steddora said 'keep your current rig and then upgrade you can pull another year out of it for sure'

    One reason I would go for watercooling is that I won't need 9 fans (had a thermaltake xaser Vi modded with 9 fans from 6 fans) and had a Q9550s overclocked to 3.8ghz and an asus striker 2 (Until they died few months ago RIP).Plus if you buy some noise dampening kits you will have a silent pc, my pc was so loud that I could hear it from the washroom that it is 45m away approx (had CM sickelflow beautiful fans if you ask me with a high static pressure and considerably cheap and they are good as corsair SP 120).

    Sorry happen to be talkative. My opinion is stick with your current rig and buy either a CM 212+ and upgrade the end of next year, you will get a nice pair of gtx 8xx's and a chipset waterblock till then Grind some money.
  14. well im really content with my video card so idk was already gonna wait till next month 01.01.2013 so after that we'll see what's gonna happen. But i really want to do water cooling cuz of my lot of fanned case :D, i too have 7 case fans inside with cpu and gpu fans well its a symphony. And also for getting dusty fast even using filters but have to clean in every 1 month or 2 those are some of my luxery reasons
  15. Well believe it or not, I had all my case filtered. I have even asked my dad to get me some air condition filters that the company will be throwing away from the old airc conditions.

    Well turning my fans to the full and vga fans @68%, it was a crack house. I couldn't literally study due to the noise. One fan is alright but running with an SLI of gtx 285, 3 cpu fans and 9 case fans, which i installed them on the side was too much, even those where filtered.

    I just love gaming,it is my world where I an escape everyday bullshit but with a little bit of overclocking back in '10, the case turned into a rabbit hole. i had to buy those air cans :http://www.smartofficeltd.com/images/acme%20cleaner%20spray.jpg . they costed round 4euros to 5euros,mainly depended on the store until one day I couldn't find more because they weren't shipping them anymore because they are easy volatile and the shop owner found them too expensive.Btw I needed 2 cans of these each month.

    I miss removing those Dust Bunnies. xD jk
  16. well i have compressor im not having any problem while cleaning but sometimes i dismantel all components for %100 cleaning but in 2 days it becomes dusty again :D.
    Well i'll wait till end of january then will decide also checked several designs gonna use copper pipes if i'll do watercooling they have clamps and stuff so will wait. I also consider this investment as one time investment for a long time. Well we'll se what gonna happen.
  17. Bought a xigmatek aegir for also my next big upgrade 1155 cpu, gonna start oc now will see whats gonna happen but i'll deffinetly make watercooling for next build so already bought copper pipes, pipe cutter and bender :) also got a radiator from my friend. It's EK-CoolStream-RAD 480 so im happy :D will make a stand alone wc system before i implement it on pc :D need to learn now
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