Hey guys, i recently purchased my hd 5770 and have just replaced it with my nvidia 8800gt as it just died on me...

when i try to enterwindows desktop the screen just goes blank, i can load up bios etc but cant reach to the desktop. I believe this is due to conflicting with my old nvidia drivers... might be wrong...

is there anyway that I can uninstall my old drivers through bios or windows disk etc as i really do not fancy losing all of my uni work just to reinstall windows for new graphcis card....
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  1. Can you list your full system spec's please
  2. p5n-e sli asus motherboard
    4gb corsair ram
    windows 7 64bit
    samsung hardrive 750gb
    intel core 2 quad

    keep trying different things but im having no luck :(
  3. power supply make and model?
  4. AH, sorry found when i purchased it copied and pasted...

    1 x Arctic Power 700W PSU - With PCI-E, 4x SATA, 20+4, ATX12V, 8pin +12V Connectors - Retail Boxed 124927 Invoiced Track £34.88 £34.88
    1 x Antec 900 Nine Hundred - Gaming Case with 200mm Top Fan - No PSU 118268 Invoiced Track £56.98 £56.98
    1 x Samsung SM223BW 21.6" TFT Monitor Widescreen 1680x1050 3000:1 300 cd/m2 5ms VGA/DVI-D Glossy black 3 Years Onsite Warranty 132860 Invoiced Track £140.41 £140.41
    1 x OCZ 4GB Kit (2x2GB) 800MHz/PC2-6400 Memory Platinum Performance CL5 (5-4-4-18) 132904 Invoiced Track £56.45 £56.45
    1 x Asus P5N-E SLI 650i Socket 775 PCI-E Onboard Audio ATX Motherboard 125082 Invoiced Track £46.02 £46.02
    1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Stepping (2.4GHz 1066MHz) Socket 775 L2 8MB Cache (2x4MB (4MB per core pair) Retail Boxed Processor 131950 Invoiced Track £110.63 £110.63
    1 x Samsung HD753LJ 750GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm *32MB Cache* - OEM 139739 Invoiced Track £51.02 £51.02
  5. well i thought it might be a PSU issue but its probably not, could you try the card in someone else's PC?
  6. it's weird, i get up to loading windows logo and the screen where you should enter your password doesnt seem to load up instead i get a blank screen with my mouse there...

    although i didnt uninstall my old drivers due to not being able to cos the old graphicsdied i didnt think that it would intervene this much. cant even get into any safe mode same blank screen =/
  7. maybe its not a problem with your hd5770, thats why it would be a good idea to try it in someone else's PC
  8. When windows is starting hit f8. Enter safe mode.
    This is a mode where it does not load or even try to load a graphic driver
    uninstall the whole ccc suite
    go to device manager uninstall your card
  9. I can't get into safemode, after it does all that log of writing it just gives me a blank screen with my cursor arrow =/

    I can do startup repair etc in windows 7 so it's not like it's haivng trouble loading any graphics... just doesnt seem to want to get onto the desktop.
  10. Well in the repair area , you can enter backup and restore options, any chance you can go back to restore to a time , earlier than when the ATI card was put in ? Might be there unless you turned off backup or deleted earlier save points.
    You may have hit a bug, a catch 22, that will be fixed in a windows service pack. Or lol
    you might be missing the obvious or you are encountering a hardware problem with that old card.
    We are all human and even the best of us , miss the obvious sometimes.
    Good Luck.
  11. I have exactly the same problem with this card. I have never seen it working. As soon as install the hardware an start my computer it goes as far as your computer does. f8 safe mode does not help in this mater. Im desperate too.
  12. And uninstalling the old card drivers does not help either.
  13. Had this same issue with my new XFX 5770.
    The issue turned out to be the drivers, the 10.1 drivers make me just boot into a black screen.

    I found the 9..8B Drivers worked for me.

    I uploaded the 9.8B drivers to megaupload here:
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