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I have a AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1035T Processor that i want to try overclocking, current default speed is 2.6ghz. Im using AMD overdrive to overclock it and was wondering if its possible to get it to 3.0ghz.

Voltage is: CPU vid - 1.2250v
NB vid - 1.1500v
DDR - 1.590v
core multiplier: 13x

HT ref. clock - 200
PCIe speed - 100
CPUs idle temp: 41C

How would I adjust the numbers to get what i stated above?
if it is even possible.
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  1. I can't remember off hand but with a quick google search I believe that the multiplier on the 1035T is locked. This makes overclocking the processor a bit difficult. If you can change the multiplier, it'd be as simple as boosting the multiplier to 15x to achieve 200x15=3000 or 3Ghz.

    However, if it is locked you'll be overclocking through the FSB which is rather difficult and I suggest you do some good reading by using google to find answers to any questions you have.

    Also, make sure you have proper cooling for the processor as overclocking adds heat! You don't want a fried CPU! :)
  2. google Phenom 1035T overclocking guides, I bet there are forum posts about this processor somewhere giving your some guide as to how much voltage to pump
  3. Thanks for the answers, I have been doing some searching, Found out about an option in AMD Overdrive called Turbo Core Control, when I click on it, it brings up some changes, it increases the multiplier to 15.5x and ups the cpu voltage to 1.4000v which is the max voltage i can set on the slider if i do it manually. I didn't apply these changes, just trying to figure out why that option increases the multiplier, but I cant manually?

    Also do those options seem ok?
  4. Biggest thing with overclocking. More voltage = More heat. And when I say this; I mean it. A good example is my 2600k CPU. IF I were to fix the voltage at 1.150v and crank the processor on intelburntest I'd hit around 52C as a high at 4Ghz. However, if I hit 1.250v I'd be more into the 60C range. Once I hit the 1.3v range I'd be nearly if not in the 70's.

    I'm not sure if that processor is locked, but it probably is. Hitting apply would probably just result in a fail attempt at changing the multiplier and running additional voltage into the processor. I may be wrong here, but I personally wouldn't try it. I hate using applications to overclock as I never have trusted them as far as I would the bios. :)
  5. Thanks for your time and answer, Im going to do a little bit more research, but im probely just going to look into getting a new motherboard that will support a nice intel i7 sometime in the future. Thanks again though :D :D
  6. Not a problem! I hope I helped you out. If you're ever wanting to overclock, I suggest a K series! Unlocked multipliers = AWESOME! Overclocking my 2600k is as simple as boosting the multiplier and tinkering with the voltage offsets to be in my favor. I'm currently at 40x100 :)
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