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Standard fan, good case, i7 3990k ivy bridge

I do not use 8 logical cores, so if i disable hyper threading could I get it too 5Ghz per core on a standard fan? Most applications and games i use do not get very far on one thread.
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  1. Usually disabling hyper threading will help with a higher overclock because the CPU will run cooler. I don't recommend overclocking with the stock cooler.
  2. Hyperthreading causes a single core to do twice the work in "theory". It allows two threads to be ran on a single processor simultaneously. Disabling HT can drop core temperatures in normal use; but when there's a max load it really doesn't vary all that much in my experience. Stress testing with IBT shows almost no difference in thermal output.

    And as dragonsamus said; stock cooler isn't a good overclocking option. It may hold a small overclock but absolutely has no chance of pushing that thing to 5Ghz per core. You should start looking into aftermarket cooling if you're wanting to go that way.
  3. I assume you mean 3770k? and Even with Ht off I don't think you can get 5 ghz on stock that think is tiny no heat dispersion. and even if you could get it to load it would blow up trying to stress test.
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