Upgrading RAM from 2x1GB to 2x2GB

My Motherboard is an ASUS P5N-E. Upgrading this is out of the question. I simply want more RAM. From 2x1GB to 2x2GB. I already have a 64-bit OS installed.

I went over to the ASUS forums and the moderator gave me some links to some compatible memory. Can Someone help me decide? This is for PC-6400 RAM 2x2GB.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Sorry I know there's a lot of junk on each page but I don't know what I'm looking for, at the same time. That is, I'm just lost in descriptions/part numbers. Thanks.
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  1. You did not list specs for either your current cpu or memory.
    I assume that you are not overclocking.
    Your motherboard has 4 dimm slots, so you can add 2x2GB and have 6GB total ram.
    I would pick DDR2-800/PC-6400 ram @ 1.8v (not higher voltages). This will likely be CL6 memory. Lower latencies usually have higher voltages.
    Any of the brands you listed are OK, just don't go for the fancy stuff.
    Crucial and Kingston both list suitable sticks on you links.
  2. No tri-channel on a 775.
    6GB no problem with 64bit OS.
  3. Quote:
    can you get triple channel mode.?
    or will the (2x2GB) + (2x1GB) = 6GB run in dual channel mode.
    if not then just get dual channel kit 4GB (2x2GB).
    keep the other sticks for back-up / testing or sell them..
    no need to load up with 6GB or 8GB, it's a 775 socket and sooner or later it will be time to upgrade.
    no 6GB UNLESS you get triple channel or dual channel mode if you want the most speeds.

    no, you can't get triple channel in DDR2 mobo, all mobos are only have 4 memory slots anyway.
    It can work in dual-channel. Look at my rig. It's 6 Gb different brand and it works dual-channel. I have old 2x1gb ddr2-800 sticks and bought 2x2 GB ddr2-800 stick. Well, the time for upgrade will still be long until a huge app eats, say, 4gb of RAM alone (Let's just hope it won't happen :) ). 3 years from now 6GB of RAM will still be good to go.
    Well, it's all good brands. You can pick any. Lemme see.. Crucial? Corsair? Kingston?
    It's the moderator himself that gives you that link, right? I can guarantee you then, that all memory there, are 100% compatible.
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