Pro and fast answer required: how many Watts PSU will my system need?

I ordered a PC with these components and since I ordered it with Chieftech 600W PSU first, a little later I realised that wasn't a good choice and I now need to pick something better fast. Corsair VX450W is not too expensive and I like reviews and I would take it, only I'm not sure if it will be enough or I need 550W version. Or maybe something else not too expensive but similar quality? How about Gigabyte GE-P450P-C2? I have other choices too.

My system will be:

Intel Core I5 750
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
Kingston DDR3 4GB
Samsung F3 500 GB HDD
MSI GT220 DDR2 Heatpipe
Simple DVD-RW
Nexus Clodius case
Zalman Flex CPU Cooler

I will also have PCI audio card and maybe will have up to 3 HDD in the future and maybe better VGA but I don't think I'll ever use 2 video cards and this PC is not for gaming, it's for Photoshop and graphic design only.

Thank you.
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  1. You don't think that the Corsair 450 would be enough but wonder if the Gigabyte 450 would.
    The Corsair can provide 3 more amps of power on the 12v rail, where the power is needed.
    Unless you plan on a much higher end card and some heavy overclocking the Corsair 450 would do, I'd go with the 550 just for more headroom.
  2. If the 450 G'byte is enough, the Corsair 400CX is also. They both have 30 amp 12 volt rails.
  3. Should be plenty, my Q9550 and 8800GTX used 300W peak, so a good quality 450 will be ok. However upgrading to 550W would be useful to give you a bit more headroom.
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