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I've read through a few reviews and threads across the web concerning push/pull with H100's, but I'm tired of reading, and trust you, the members of this community, for professional opinions than I do any other forum. I have a few sets of questions, so if you can bare with me, and offer assistance after reading, I truly appreciate your time in doing so.

My planned, new build is going inside a HAF 932 Advanced case. I plan to simply remove the top fan from the case and opt for 2 120's instead. I'm going to arrange a push/pull from inside->outside the case. I'm a little confused as to what a better option is concerning the push/pull. The case will have a fan controller so I can monitor the case fans, but here is my main concern/question/curiosity's....

1. Is it better to have a push/pull with all 4 fans compatible with the h100's controller, hooked into the controller, powered by the mobo (which I'm not entirely sure I want to power all four that way).
2. Is it better to have the push fans compatible/hooked into the h100's controller, and have my fan controller controlling the top 2 case fans that will be pulling/exhausting the air.
3. Screw the h100 controller and have the case fan controller controlling all four in unison.

My next set of questions is this...

1.a) I understand low static fans are prime for push, but do they matter for pull?
2.b) If pull fans do not matter, can I get away with having a low static push solution and higher powered, higher rpm pull fans?
3.c) Fan recommendations. (specifically: Corsair Air Series SP120 - I looked at simply because I can alter the color scheme - They worth a flip?)

If you've read this, thank you.

EDIT: Fan noise concerns me on a level of 6 on a scale from 1-10. I don't mind a little noise, but I don't want to hear a jet taking off. The room this is housed in is also a little warmer by nature than the rest of the house.
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  1. Well, you are going to want to invest in some different fans than the standard H100 fans, I have read they are pretty noisy. Frankly, these types of water cooler are not really the greatest, you pay a lot for a pretty entry level water cooling system.
  2. Well, yes. I plan to ditch the stock fans on the h100. As far as water cooling goes, though entry to mid-level as the h100 may be, it's going to function perfectly for someone like me, who is not interested in a full water-cooling system, or standard air-controlled cpu coolers... plus those are huge eye sores in my opinion.
  3. Pushpull on your own controller is the optimum set up here
  4. The stock fans on the H100 are extremely loud. Since you're going to use aftermarket fans I would suggest using an aftermarket controller. You'll be able to control noise better. The H100 comes with 3 fan profiles and the best performance profile is loud. For a radiator it is always best to use high static fans. The stock H100 fans have a static pressure of 7. If you use a lower static pressure you may not get the same level of cooling.
  5. I opted for the H100i (supposedly better cooling, lower noise) instead with some aftermarket, high static pressure fans for push/pull. I'll see how the built-in link software works for adjusting fan control before I switch up to a fan controller, which I'm sure I will for easier adjustments. Thanks for the responses!
  6. **For a radiator it is always best to use high static fans**
    That varies depending on the Fpi of the particular radiator but generally is true
    Afaik the Corsair series are 20Fpi which requires higher Cfm/speed/pressure to operate optimally,
    they aren't the best as it is but for someone seeking a 'silent' cooling solution, its a real tradeoff, best cooling is at loud noise levels, best noise levels give sub standard cooling an aircooler could manage,
    glad to help Satsol, and hopefully you find the balance point thats right for you :)
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