Unrecognized HDD found by SATA to USB adapter, so how to recover data?

I got a 500gb HDD with 2 partitions suddenly not recognized by BIOS after reboot. It worked perfectly find before reboot.

Both partitions stored mainly movies.

It has a small repeated sound when I reboot and the HDD starts to run, sound like it is trying to read it but keep failing. Just very very small sound and it stopped after repeating for few minutes.

I bought a SATA to USB adapter today, and somehow under Computer Management, it found there is a Unknown Disk, and required Initialization. I understand that Initialized means format the disk, so if I proceed the data will be all gone.

What should I do to recover all the data?
Should I Initialized it and then try to recover (I doubt this)?

I tried many software but none seem to work (or maybe just I don't know how to make it work)

ZAR 8.3 is one of the software I tried. I selected 'Reconstruct RAID layout, then recover data' in step 1. Is it the right option for my situation? I think it is...
Step 2 it scan for the drives and found this HDD with 0 B capacity and Unknown status, but it does not allow me to proceed as with a zero capacity drive.
And I what RAID layout should I select if I am going to proceed?
- RAID0 (Stripe set)
- RAID5 (Checkerboard)

Thanks so much if anyone can help!
I don't want to spend $ to bring it to professional shop to recover it, it will cost thousands.
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  1. No luck of any advice from anyone?
  2. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

    This is a free software that you can try to use to recover your lost partitions.
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