Super Duper Newbie Question for Crossfire.


I am building a new gaming rig with the a Asus Crosshair III Formula Motherboard and 2 Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 5770 Crossfire video cards.

MY question is; Do I need to buy anything else to run Crossfire, or does everything I need come with the video cards?

This is my first time running 2 video cards.

Thank you.
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  1. Assuming a crossfire bridge comes with the cards, no.
  2. OK, thanks. Do you just plug in the the DVI cable in one of the video cards, or the top one? I thought I saw one time that there was a dongle that you plugged in the back of each video card on the DVI port and they went into one connector where you plug in the monitor cable.
  3. make sure your PSU can handle that cards... :)
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