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I recently purchased a gaming computer and was interested in a SSD. I purchased a 1tb HDD, but I have heard nothing but good things about the SSD and how much more effective it is. I didn't really wanna spend more than $200.00 on this as of now so I can't buy say a 240 gb SSD, but more like a 120 gb SSD. The question is though, can I still run my HDD for basic storage while using a SSD at the same time for the O/S and games? I'm only really interested in the benefits of gaming and the O/S. Also, is a 120 gb large enough for this or should I wait and buy a larger SSD? Thanks for the help.

Rig-I7 2700k o/c, amd 7770, 1tb HDD, ASUS z68 motherboard, and 16gb ram.
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  1. Yes, you run your OS and apps that require max speed (like games) from the SSD and you install your other apps (like MS Office) and document storage on the HDD.

    120GB is fine for the OS and other "fast" apps. You really only need a minimum of 30GB for WIN 7.

    The fastest 120/128 GB models are in Tier 3

    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120 GB
    OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120 GB
    Patriot WildFire 120 GB
    Samsung 830 SSD 128 GB


    I like the Chronos Deluxe but newegg sells them as fast as they arrive so ya have to be fast

    Some very interesting comments and test results here for the smaller 60 GB models,3137.html
  3. Please read some of the other SSD threads. For you, the main takeaway is that the SSD will improve load times but will have no effect on frame rates.
  4. Thanks for the information everybody. So I'm kind of new at this, but how can I run both at the same time? Should I make the SSD the primary drive and then the HDD the data drive?
  5. SSD = C: drive for O/S, games
    HDD = D: drive for Apps, storage

    When installing Apps or Games just choose advanced install and select the folder you would like the program installed to. Create a folder in D: drive called "Program Files".
  6. This may also sound like a stupid question but my o/s is on the HDD, how do you transfer that over?
  7. You are better off just installing directly to the SSD (with the HDD disconnected). Once Win 7 is fully installed, reconnect the HDD.
  8. COLGeek said:
    You are better off just installing directly to the SSD (with the HDD disconnected). Once Win 7 is fully installed, reconnect the HDD.

    I would have installed it directly, but the O/S is already installed on the HDD and I don't have another copy of the O/S. Is there a way to transfer over the O/S from the HDD?
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    Do a clean install to the SSD (With the HDD disconnecte). There is a program to migrate your HDD -> SSD. Personally I prefer the Clean Instal - Do NOT have to sweat:
    .. Is trim Inamble
    .. Are the partions aligned
    .. New uncludered registry.

    Verify the Bios is set to AHCI, if not you need to change it to. There is a posibility that if it was set to IDE, You may not be able to boot to windows. You need to fix this on the HDD before procedding.

    No problems booting to HDD with BIOS set to AHCI, then
    Disconnect HDD, install SSD and set boot priority in Bios to the SSD
    .. Once Windows 7 is installed on the SSD, windows 7 updates appled, Required drivers loaded and programs are install.
    .. Test system, No BSODs and system is stable. Then,
    .. Reconnect your HDD.
    .. Using windows 7 Backup program create a system image of your SSD system. Put the image on your HDD (I also copy this image to an external USB drive)
    - Reason. Should you at a latter date need to reinstall Windows 7 to the SSD, it's a 10->15 Min job. Just insert your Windows disk, select repair, repair from image. 10 Minutes later You are Back up and running. NO re-install windows, No re-download Win 7 updates, NO re-install drivers and software. The system is restored to exacty as it was when you created the Image.

    You can now daul boot to Windows 7 on The SSD, or By hitting the Key during post that brings up the Boot menu you can boot to windows 7 that is on the HDD. Maybe a week or a month afterwards you SAY SSD working great, Then you can ditch the operating system on the HDD.
  10. You said "I don't have another copy of the O/S"

    Did the computer come with a Windows 7 disk??
    Do You have the Activation Key??

    If you have the activation Key, Use any windows 7 Installtion disk. The Only cavet is you must use the Key that belongs to your Computer.
    You can even barrow a installation disk - The RULE is you MUST use YOUR activation Key. The only problem is with using an Upgrade window 7 Disk, but there is a work around for that.
  11. darknirvana21 said:
    I would have installed it directly, but the O/S is already installed on the HDD and I don't have another copy of the O/S. Is there a way to transfer over the O/S from the HDD?

    If you bought that machine with the OS on it, instead of buying and installing the OS, there are legal issues with doing that.

    But a very good, and free, tool for cloning to the SSD is EASEUS ToDo backup. It has an option like "Restore to dissimilar hardware" that adjusts the lower-level drivers.
  12. I purchased the machine from ibuypower and it has been my understanding that it would come preloaded on the computer. I am not sure if it comes with a key or not....but the machine currently only has a hdd as its primary drive. So down the road if I added an ssd the o/s could def be transferred. sorry for all the questions, this is my first gaming computer....I'm used to "out of the box" desktops lol.
  13. (1) The Manuf is required to provide you the Lic key, normally stuck on the Case.

    @ WyomingKnott: It is the Key that is tied to the Computer, since provided by a vender it is a OEM lic. As such he is not allowed to upgrade the MB/CPU (Cpu questionable, but MS has emphased NO upgrade on MB) I highly doubt that adding a SSD to the system would violate the Lic. A clean install vs clonning would be NO difference in legal terms. I really try NOT to provide help to circumvent legal issues.
  14. The OEM license it tied to the motherboard and not the storage device(s). This is a no-brainer and not a license violation to re-install on the SSD.
  15. Thank you so much everybody. I wasn't looking to commit license fraud just uprgades lol. I look forward to learning more from this site. So far it has been very beneficial.
  16. If you don't have a sticker with the Windows activation product key, there are free apps that will extract the number from your registry. Just Google for them.

    What the heck. Found this on a quick google:
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