Can`t get it(hd 5770) to work?

I have a slight problem.
I boght a new video gard, (Gigabyte hd 5770 1gb) because my old one died (GF 7600 gt), but it now my system freezes on windows start up.

motherboard: Asus P5PL2
CPU: Pentium D 930
powersupplay: 480w(it has te 6-pin connector for PCIe)
If other components are important then i will add them.

Any ideas why this does not work?
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  1. First thing to check is the video card. Does it work in another computer?
  2. yes i gould try that, but i would have to find one.
    But does any one think that there gould be some issues with compatibilty
  3. because my system is about 4 years older than this gard
  4. did you properly uninstall the old drivers first? Driver Cleaner will take care of this for you. Also, your PSU might not have enough juice for that system.
  5. I think its your PSU, you didn't mention a name/brand so I take it that the PSU is generic and likely not good enough for your new HD5770
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