What games can my i3 3220 run ?

What games can i play with i3 3220 hd graphics and 6 gb of ram ?
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  1. using the hd graphics and not a descrete gpu then u should of went with an AMD APU A8 or A10 as the igpu is better, but the HD 2500 gpu in that i3 will do what i find playable at low resolutions at 30ish fps but heres a link.http://www.anandtech.com/show/5871/intel-core-i5-3470-review-hd-2500-graphics-tested/3

    If u wanna play some games but not on high settings then a cheap gpu like a radeon HD 7750 or 6670 would be more than enough. Maybe a 640 Gt. All around $60to115. Around $100 avg for the 640 and 7750, and 80 for the 6670 at the cheapest and 90 for the cheapest 7750.
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