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I need advice on getting a new graphics card. My current system is:
550w OCZ fatal1ty
Phenom 945 3.0Ghz
Asus M3N78-EM
2GB Corsair XMS2
Nvidia G210

The G210 is pretty awful, and I need a good new GPU for gaming. I'll be playing GTA 4, some newer games as well, and need a GPU for around £100. ATI or Nvidia is fine, I'm not fussed. Any suggestions? Much appreciated
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  1. @ Shogun_11: Also look for the HD4870, it lacks some of the features of the HD5770 and uses more power-it needs two 6 pin PCI-E connectors while the HD5770 needs only one-but it is faster.
    A few places still have the HD4870 in stock and Overclockers show two, both within a few pennies of your 100 pound budget.
    This one grabbed my attention:

    Just make sure it is as described and has the reference cooler and not the awful thing XFX used on some of theirs (it's just like the one in Maziars link) which is totally unable to cool the much hotter HD4870.
    A few places to begin your hunt: Scan, CCL, Dabs, Novatech, Pixmania, Ebuyer, Microdirect and Overclockers. Also get yourself a copy of Micromart;)
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