New Build: Do thse components stack up and make sense

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  1. All looks good, except youve got a H55 board with the i5 750, you sure bout this? this means you cant use SLI or CFx at all, id recommend a lower end p55 board such as the p55a-ud3 and similar
  2. Aha. Thank you.

    Perhaps this for the mother board :


    also anyone have any advice on foxconn MB. They are ridiculously cheap but am here mixed things about them.
  3. Go with the gigabyte:
    As for foxconn, theyre a budget more generic brand, dunno bout actually quality and such of their boards... but id recommend gigabyte or asus boards any day of the week
  4. Awesome. Well shall be placing the order here in a short while. Thanks for your advice.
  5. No problem, just glad to help :)
  6. One other question: Would I be better off going with a core 2 duo thats runs 3.33 ghz speeds as opposed to the quad core, or should I stick with the quad core?
  7. No, stick with the i series on 1156 platform... if anything wait until the 25th when the 5830 is going to be released, and get a i3 530 CPU, performs pretty similary to the i5 750 when gaming, and since youll have the much better GPU with the 5830, it will give you a better gaming build for around the same price
  8. Wait get the 5830 graphics card? Proably will be outside of my price range. I was thinking an i5 core 2 duo that clocks at like 3.3 ghz or so, or do i stay wit hthe quad core?
  9. Youll save 75$ ish going for the i3, which has comparable gaming performance to the i5 750, with that 75$ i would imagine you could upgrade your 5770 to a 5830 for around that same price, or under 100$.
    If youre going to go i5 750, go 5770.
    If youre going to go i3 530, go 5830
  10. i3 core 2 duo with a 5830? hmm dont know what to do now
  11. For gaming, the i3/5830 would be the best performer
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