Build me a PC for $700 without a monitor and OS

I'm wanting to build a PC. I want to use it for recording with Protools and Reason using midi. I also do a lot of photo editing and schoolwork. I've already built one on newegg and I'm wanting to know if it would be the right computer for my needs. Mobo- $130 CPU- $190 RAM- $80 Case- $70 PSU- $85 GPU- $80 HDD- $38

It all totals at around $680. If you think you can build a better one for my PC needs show me what you got :)
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  1. I would go with a 500 hd for like 50 bucks.. You could always go with amd and get a better system instead of a dead tech socket 775
  2. Hi andrewc

    Here is a build for you.

    Case and PSU 620W $104.98

    Motherboard $76.99 ($10 Mail-in Rebate)

    CPU $95.99 (unlock the 2 extra cores and you have a Quad Core Phenom II)

    Memory $129.99

    Video Card $164.99

    Hard Drive $79.99

    CD Drive $27.99

    Total = $680.92 - ($10 rebate) = $670.92

    Link to unlock cores:

    For this motherboard you need, f2c bios
    Just google it, "mb_bios_ga-ma770t-ud3p_f2c.exe" without the quotes.
  3. Oh okay that looks really good too! Will it be future proof?
  4. More future proof then your build :P
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