Need Help on Overclocking // Please Help

Well i want to overclock my pc but i have no idea where to start.

Motherboard : Rock 970 Extreme3
Processor : AMD II x4 945 3.0GHz
I have a standard case with 1 big cut out for vent & i have put a 120mm fan on the Plexiglas and a 80mm fan.
RAM : 4GB atm getting 16GB for christmas.
My motherboard on the net says its fully compatible for overclock.

So i was wondering if anyone can give me a GOOD step by step on how to do this. For my pacific motherboard
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  1. It does have an auto overclocking feature, if you plan to use that then you may get an extra 600Mhz out of the Cpu. Did this on the same board with an Athlon X2 250 chip last week on the same board and went from 3.00Ghz to 3.8 with a small voltage bump of the Cpu. It depends on the CPU aswell some you can get a good overclock some just wont go that extra mile, luck of the draw.
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