Which Intel HTPC M/B?


Must be:
Intel 775 (as I have a e6600 CPU)
on board graphics
HDMI out
Micro ATX

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    Hey QPR_FC!

    Is there any budget requirement for this Motherboard? An HDMI out Micro ATX board is usually $60~, but I think I met your requirements.

    Also, since you have a little older chip, is it okay to assume the RAM Memory you are using is DDR2? If so, I got this trusted XFX brand motherboard for you.

    XFX MI93007 for $80

    Let's see if I met the requirements!

    Must be:

    Intel LGA 775 Socket: Check!
    On-Board Graphics: Check! NVIDIA GeForce 9300
    HDMI out: Check!
    Micro ATX: Check!

    Sweet. I think I did it! If you prefer a motherboard with DDR3 RAM Memory or something cheaper, let me know. There are some decent Foxconn and EliteGroup for $60~.
  2. Thanks Necromentia.

    Sorry, yes DDR2 RAM.

    Unfortunately we do not have XFI boards here in Australia. We have access to:

    Thats about it.

    Since my post I have been doing a lot more research and found the Intel G45 chipset appears to be the onboard graphics chip, but I didn't find many favourable reviews.
    The other option is a P45 with low profile graphics card = $$$ too costly.

    I'm actually 'upgrading' ?!? the existing 780G chipset (GA-MA78GPM-D2SH) and AMD 4850e cpu as I will have a spare e6600 intel cpu....will upgrade main PC to a Q9400 (or something else?).

    I have a friend who is a single mother of 3 and I try and help her out whenever possible...I was thinking of giving her the AMD board and chip to replace her 478 cpu with DDR ram (which I gave her too).
    I would just need to buy myself this intel M/B in question and her some DDR2 ram and a small SATA HDD...and we are all happy.

    But, maybe I should leave my HTPC as is and just buy her an Intel M/B and DDR2 ram and give her the e6600....yeah, that seems to be the answer unless you can recommend a great G45 chipset m/b?

    Sorry its a long post!
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