How many HDMI connections can a Video card support?

Is there a video card that can support 4 x HDMI connections via Adapters and/or HDMI port?

To clarify, would i be able to buy a 4850 x 2 and use 4 x DVI-to-HDMI adaptors and plug 4 HDMI cables to 4 different LCD TV's?
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  2. You can do three with Radeon 5000 series cards, provided at least one of them is connected via a proper Display port adapter to enable eyeinfinity.
  3. ^ I should mention that I believe only one of said HDMI connections will be provided with Audio.
  4. From what Ive read on the 4850x2 (about a dozen fourm posts) it should be able to support 4 monitors.
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