Name that Case + few uber-noob questions


I was curious what model this case is that my friend gave to me. Below are some pics:

Original Color was like metallic gray of some sort, I spray-painted it black:

Inside the front cover showing original color:

Inside the case:


Alright, on to my noob questions:

1.) Is this for the front panel USB?

2.) The case comes with the standoff for the mobo, where do I get the screws for them (also the non-conductive gasket-like thingy that you put on the standoff before putting the mobo on)? Do they come with the mobo when you buy it? (If not, what size screw should I ask for at the hardware store?)

Sorry if my questions made you pull your hair out in advance.

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  1. Here it is I think :

    For the other questions, sorry IDK.
  2. I'm just building my first computer, so I don't know a lot about your questions but yes, usually all the hardware you need comes with either the motherboard or case, and sometimes both. I'm not sure if regular screws from the hardware store would work fine, I assume they would. You could measure the screw holes for the size. I also wanted to point out that the computer case was not quite the same...The one you have pictured has 6 "slots" (I'm not sure exactly what they are) on the front and the one linked above has 7. The one pictured also does not have the fan/air spots on the side like the one linked. It could be an older version of the one above?
  3. ^ Yeah.. I have been able to build once from scratch too, but I don't recall if the hardware came with the case or mobo.

    @Mojito, nice find.. I guess the one I got was indeed a predecessor... the case comes with a 380w Antec PSU, and it has the input voltage selector. So I am guessing it is a bit dated
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    your pic of the pins is to blurry. we need to be abe to see the txt on the wires. my first guess would be no. usually a usb front panel header is made of 7 wires in a block. 1 for guide and the other 6 are for 2 usb plugs. If I had to guess it looks like a front panel hdd led. or even a speaker connector.

    Oh I believe the case is the original antec sonata.
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