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Hello, I have a a6-3650 APU and I want to overclock it to 2.6ghz to 3.2ghz. I'm going to use the AMD overdrive program. I wanted to know if I need to buy a aftermarket fan or use the stock one. And also, can I be able to overclock the intergrated GPU? what program?

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  1. Integrated graphics must be done through the BIOS, so since you are on an OEM desktop then you cannot I am afraid. As for overclocking, you need to see if your case can have another fan or two added into it (if you want to be silent they will be about 15 bucks for 120MM ones and 20 to 15 for 140MM ones) for better airflow and need an aftermarket cooler, but you can use a cheaper one as it is a quad core, I would say find a cooler master hyper 212 EVO, but if you want something small with more muscle (but about a 40 to 45 dollar price tag) look into the cooler master hyper n520. Good luck with the overclock!
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