Drunken Computer Building

I can elaborate on this tomorrow but I have woken up after a night of drinking while building PC's and have had the best luck out of all the systems I have put together............ Could it be that building PC's is more about an understanding of components then being focused while you build? I just bought an Asus Maximus Formula Mobo, Q9550 CPU, 4x1 Gig Corsair Dominator 1066 Ram, ATI 2600 GPU all for $375 on eBay and dropped it in my Coolermaster Case with a Coolermaster 850w PSU I had Lying around. I Ghosted my HDD onto a 300Gig Velociraptor and I had to re-enter some product keys but this little system screams! 19,000 3DMark06 with a 4870x2; but only 6,000 with the 2600, but I can use 3 Gigs of RAM on XP instead of only 2! I have built the fastest of the fast socket 775's but this little drunken budget build is my favorite to date........
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