Gpu temp about 70 C when browsing web


My problem is that my gpu temps are too high, for just browsing the web, when i turn on my laptop, gpu temp is about 50 C and within 5 minutes, it goes up to 70 C, core temps are normal, about 40 C. I have tried diffrent drivers and i haven't OC anything.

My laptop spec's are:
compal jhl90
processor: intel core 2 P8700
ram: 4gb
graphics: nvidia 9600M GT
Os: win xp sp3 32bit
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  1. check to make sure the vents are clean
  2. Just cleaned them, but still, same thing.
    I noticed, that my fan doesn't evan work, it thinks like it doesn't have to, because it's not that hot, but my gpu temp is right now 88 C and i think it's cooling only the cores, not graphic card :s
  3. you should service your machine. either go to repair service center or do it yourself if you think you can. maybe you should replace the fan and reapply new thermal paste
  4. Okey, well thx for your help :)
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