GA-X58A-UD3R SYS_FAN2 speed control?

I have three Panilfo H's running off the SYS_FAN2 header. Is there a way to adjust the fan map to make it more aggressive? CPU_FAN can be adjusted by EasyTune 6 but I don't see anything for SYS_FAN2. This header is tied to the North Bridge temp. It's controlling the fans fine and the temps are good. I just want more control if I can get it.
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    I see three bad things: 1. Don't use the MOBO for much more than the CPU_FAN, 2. Don't split-off case fans from any SYS_FAN, 3. Don't use ANY of the Gigabyte Utilities - they are ALL bad and cause all sorts of problems.

    Purchase a dedicated 4-Channel or more fan controller. e.g. -
  2. Thanks for the welcome. The computer isn't within reach so software fan control is the only option.
  3. Many of the Fan Controllers are programmable; so it can be managed more effectively that way. BIOS, some applications/utilities, and especially any Gigabyte Utilities are not good choices for case fan controllers running directly off the CASE_FAN.

    The UD3R as it is has very poor on-board power, and running several fans especially split off a CASE_FAN is a really bad idea.

    In contrast or as an option without a dedicated fan controller simply get <35 dBA fans an run them 100% via a Molex connection off the PSU {less the CPU_FAN/exception a pump ~ H50 needs 100% CPU_FAN} - this is the accepted standard way to power fans and is best for system stability.
  4. I'm not denying the UD3R is underpowered. I just don't believe it can't handle a few fans (Delta's excluded :na: ). The headers can give 2 amps each. Even at 100% RPM I'm at half that. The EasyTune software is horrible. The cpu temp it is checking isn't even for the cores :pfff: . The temp it is checking is listed as motherboard on Everest Ultimate Edition. For Prime I had to ramp that setting up so the RPMs were maxed earlier than the ET6 would do on auto. Maybe SpeedFan can control them, but I have heard mixed opinions on that software.

    Is there a fan controller that uses core temps and can control the fan speeds itself?
  5. Awesome, I'll look into it. Do we give +rep on this board?
  6. Draygonn said:
    Do we give +rep on this board?

    Not sure what you're asking?

    Don't know what you're asking? {+rep}
  7. +rep on certain boards is a way of keeping track of how helpful someone is. You add to their reputation score. So instead I will just say Thanks.
  8. Cool & Thanks! :sol:
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