BFG GTX 285 OC2 faulty?

Hi, I would like you to give me a hand finding out whats going on with my BFG GTX 285 OC2

Basically after playing for a while I can see random lines or "objects" flashing on my screen or what is worst coloured pixels all over the place.
This is only happening with a couple of games like GTA IV or COD MW2 (I contacted Activision because the game use to do that and froze and they said

"I notice you're using dual monitors. This can sometimes cause unnecessary strain on the computer. Try disabling the secondary monitor before playing the game.

The nVidia GTX 285 requires at least a 550W power supply with 2 6 pin connectors. Do you have SLI'd cards or just the one?

The Core i7 920 also has some hefty power requirements that would require a little more power than the 550 W recommended for the video card."

The system only uses 1 monitor to play and the other 1 is just the desktop... anyway I disabled it but the problems still there.
Faulty? Power?



Intel i7 920
Coolermaster Real Power 850w RS-850-ESBA

I havent done any kind of overclocking and Im not planning to for the moment.
Everything still under warranty, but I want to find out since I had a BFG 7600 GS in another computer and it had power problems and used to do random system crashes.

Thanks for your time! =)
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  1. Wow, do you know what? I've had 2 BFG Nvidia cards and BOTH of them have died on me in almost the exact same way as this. I hate to say it's the card(because I'd be pissed-right-off if my GTX285 died) but it is looking like it. I swear to god I'll never buy a BFG again! I'm not the only one that it's happened to either. What are your load temps?
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