Cant install windows on new pc

hi, i put together a new comp on the weekend but i cant get it to work for the life of me.
i moved from intel to amd and im running xp
Specs are as followed:
AMD x4 965
Asus M4A88T-M-USB3
Nvidia GT220
kingston 2G ddr3 1333 ram
550w PSU

i dont have the GPU in yet as it has a intergrated GPU and there is nothing else in any slots.

first off it would not boot into windows, it would get to the screen "windows did not start successfully..... how would you like to start windows i tried all. safe mode, cmd prompt nothing worked it would just restart.
i put the old set up back in and it all worked fine so i backed up and was going to format.
i put the windows cd in but i kept getting BSOD, i updated the mobo firmware and that seemed to help. formatted and copied the windows files over to the hard drive then resets, which i think its ment to but then it boots back into the start of the setup again.
at the moment the dvd drive is the master and hdd is the slave but as there is only one ide port, i have tried to press F8 and boot to the hdd and it says insert boot disc and i have to reset.
what do i try next?
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  1. pop the cd out when the system posts, it should go to the HDD after it can't read a disc in the dvd drive

    your other option is to open the boot menu when the system posts, and just select the HDD

    i haven't installed XP in a LOOOONG time, but if it's doing what it's supposed to, I don't think it should read the cd more than necessary on an install, so I'd double check and make sure you don't have a drive plugged into a JMicron port, as that will screw ya on installs with windows for some reason
  2. **double post**
  3. i have tried both of them and just get the msg insert boot disc and i have to reset.
  4. 1) Are you using XP CD or XP-with-integrated-SP3 CD ? XP with integrated SP3 is better for new hardware.

    2) Is your BIOS set to SATA interface or IDE interface for HDD ? IDE interface is necessary for XP installation without floppy disk.
  5. Did you just take your old HDD (with XP installed) and install it into your new config? Or, are you trying to install a clean install of XP?

    You can do the first without a lot of prep before you make the switch. You need to run sysprep to reset the expected hardware config and THEN move the HDD.
  6. im trying to install XP with SP2.
    i had a look at the BIOS last night and it seems that its set for both ide and sata.

    i first tried to use the old install of XP by putting the xp disc in and hitting upgrade and when it restated turning it off and putting the new mobo in, that didnt work so tried a fress install, again didnt work.

    After xp setup formats and copies the install files to the hdd it then asks to reset but after that i ether get a msg saying 'reboot and select proper boot device, happens if i press F8 and select HDD, or it boots from cd and starts install again
  7. If you're reusing an XP from say another PC then you'll probably continue to have problems. Instead I would recommend a "fresh" XP.

    Microsoft XP SP3 ISO -

    I did NOT see any F6 pre-install drivers. After Windows installs you MUST D/L and install all of the XP drivers {not utilities} and install them - especially the Chipset. Prior to install disconnect ALL HDDs except for the the Target HDD; I too would recommend in the BIOS to Load Defaults. Also, to be safe a FULL Format.

    Ref M4A88T-M/USB3 -

    Good Luck!
  8. installing xp form cd onto a sata drive and controller set to sata requires the drivers to be installed during the F6 prompt
  9. harvz said: the moment the dvd drive is the master and hdd is the slave but as there is only one ide port, i have tried to press F8 and boot to the hdd and it says insert boot disc and i have to reset.

    1. I "assume" the HDD is IDE {as best I can read OP reference}
    2. The diver is convoluted into {Utilities of all things} 3.2.1540/1.2.0 "AMD AHCI Driver V3.2.1540.24 for Windows 32/64bit"; it doesn't list any, that I can find. F6 pre-install drivers.

    @ Hard Line {see if you can find one listed}
  10. Easiest way is to press F6 when installing Windows XP and when it asks if you have seperate RAID/SCSI drivers, select yes and then load up your floppy diskette with the RAID/AHCI drivers (they are the same). You can find the latest ones in the Catalyst drivers under motherboard drivers. Unpack the drivers and then cancel the install. Navigate to your C: drive and then look for the ATI/AMD folder and look under the "sb" drivers and the "sb7xx" folder. There you will find your goodies.

    A quicker way to find them is go to the AMD Gamer site and look under the drivers section and then chipset, and then grab the 700 series drivers and do the same thing as mentioned above and copy the RAID/AHCI drivers to a floppy diskette
  11. @ Hard Line - Again, 1. IDE and 2. there are NO F6 drivers listed for that MOBO. Read & Look. You do not go and randomly D/L drivers that are not listed for a MOBO @ install.

    "I get" what you're saying but look 1st then post.

    This is an AMD MOBO and not an Intel ICH10R/RAID....F6
  12. thanks for all you help guys.
    im downloading sp3 iso atm and will try that and hope that will help.
    so should i install the drivers on the system i have working then change the hardware and try to reinstall windows? or just try SP# and hope that will work then install all the drivers?
    i think i might they to install to a external HDD or sata drive if i cant get it to install to ide HDD
  13. When you've tried before to install did the installer stop and then request any drivers before proceeding? If not then just install Windows to whatever HDD you prefer it to go on.

    Also, I strongly recommend disconnecting any HDD(s) internal or external that already have ANY OS installed on them.

    IF there is a driver that "requires" a Floppy:
    1. Use the Floppy {see manuals procedure} - I didn't see any references.
    2. Create a custom XP SP3 installer DC/DVD
    a. nLite -
    b. D/L Drivers AND extract (i.e. run them prior to install), locate and add per nLite guide.

    Good Luck!
  14. thanks jaquith ill be giving it a go tomorrow and fingers crossed will let you know the good news
  15. Hey guys thanks again for your help, i tried everything you said but nothing was working. i then swapped out the cd rom for a mates one and it all worked, what a see you next tuesday! but its all working now thanks
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