Small space, larger computer case??

Ok, so I'm probably getting the Cooler Master 690.

It's 20" long and 19" high.

Problem is the space in my desk is only 16" long and 19" high. But to even get it in the space it's 18.5" high.

Should I try to squeeze it in there or get one of these and sit it next to the desk:
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    would not try and squeeze the case into the desk. The case being in such a tight area will effect air flow, those effect temperature.

    I would either set the PC on the floor next to the desk or an open area under or on the desk. If you want the PC to be on rollers, I would purchase which ever stand you like the looks of best.
  2. My place is carpeted that's why I'll probably get one of the stands . I don't want to put the pc on carpet.
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